Teaching About Tolerance & Anti-Racism

What is Juneteenth?

ADL is a proven leader in anti-bias education that teaches young people to embrace diversity and stand up to bias because we are stronger together.

As a leader in the field of anti-bias education, ADL provides current, relevant curricula and customizable, interactive training programs that incorporate the latest research.

Title: Everybody is Unique

Description: Teach about respect for others' unique qualities in this lesson that combines art and language arts.

Grades K-8

Title: Colorín Colorado

Description: Talking About Racism and Violence with Students: Resources for Educators

Grades K-12

Title: Bursting Stereotypes

Description: Balloons serve as the conduit for this lesson in which students "burst stereotypes.

Grades 3-12

Title: Teaching Tolerance Through Music

Description: Students analyze the lyrics of Peter, Paul and Mary songs that express themes of tolerance.

Grades 3-12

Title: How Tolerant Are Kids in Your School?

Description:Students graph the results of a survey of attitudes and tolerance in their school.

Grades 6-12

Title: Grade band resources for teaching the history of Slavery in the Americas

Description: Grade band resources for teaching the history of Slavery in the Americas

Grades K-12

Title: Teaching Tolerance Film Kits

Description: Bring social justice topics to life with classroom-friendly films and user guides. Teaching Tolerance film kits are FREE for use in K–12 schools. Click on each of the films to order or stream online.

Grades K-12

Title: Words Can Hurt

Description: This powerful activity illustrates how unkind words can hurt. Discuss what it might be like to be the new person in a group or how to choose the correct words for an apology.

Grades Pre-K - 8

Title: Teaching Tolerance Classroom Resources

Description: Lessons, learning plans, texts, and tasks designed to support teachers in covering a plethora of social justice/ anti-racist education topics.

Grades K-12

What is equity? We answer that, explore common definitions, and offer one based on our transformative equity approach. If you do the readings and the engage with the interactive components, this course should take 4 hours.