Resources On Tolerance & Racism

Book list with pre-reading and post-reading lessons recommended for students in grades Pre-K to 8.

Parent Resource Website to Support Young Children at Home

“Parents can help children gain a sense of personal control by talking openly about violence and personal safety.”

"Take care of you first: How can a parent help their child traverse these disturbing times?"

Focuses on teaching race and implicit bias in Early Childhood Programs.

A compilation of resources for parents looking to become more informed and involved in the anti-racist movement.

Title: Beyond the Golden Rule

Description: A Parent’s Guide to Preventing and Responding to Prejudice. This PDF is a parent’s guide to teach their children about tolerance.

ADL is a proven leader in anti-bias education that teaches young people to embrace diversity and stand up to bias because we are stronger together.

As a leader in the field of anti-bias education, ADL provides current, relevant curricula and customizable, interactive training programs that incorporate the latest research.

As a parent or caregiver, I am here because …

  • I care about my child having a healthy racial identity while appreciating and respecting others.

  • I want to learn more about how to help my child navigate the complexities of race.

  • I believe my child can be an agent of change against racial inequity.

By: The National Museum of African American History

Change is hard. Creating effective social justice habits, particularly those dealing with issues of power, privilege, supremacy and leadership is like any lifestyle change. Setting our intentions and adjusting what we spend our time doing is essential. It’s all about building new habits.

Sesame Street: We're Different, We're the Same | Read Along Series

Elmo and Abby want to learn about things that are different and the same. Gordon is reading a great book that might help Abby and Elmo called We're Different, We're the Same.