Agriculture Infrastructure Fund (AIF)

Purpose is to assist Navajo livestock producers operating on the Navajo Nation with livestock feed. The Division of Community Development (DCD) and the Department of Agriculture through Division of Natural Resources will work collaboratively to standardize the livestock distribution efforts. The Chapters will work with their District Grazing Committee Officials(DGC)/Navajo Land Board Officials (NLB) to make determinations for the benefit of the community members while adhering to fund criteria.


A.I.F. Orientation Guide

In collaboration with Navajo Nation Department of Agriculture

REVISED 12-7-2021_RDCMA-07-21 Agriculture (A.I.F.) Orientation.pdf

RDCMA -07-21

Downloadable A.I.F. templates are available below.


RDCMA-07-21 Resolution

RDCMA-07-21 Chapter Guidelines
RDCMA -07-21 AIF Lvstk Feed Distrib Guidelines.pdf
Exhibit A - RDCMA-07-21 Application - REVISED 12-6-2021.pdf
RDCMA-07-21Application (Exhibit A)
Exhibit B- AIF Chapter Resolution template.pdf
Chapter Resolution template(Exhibit B)
Exhibit C - Chapter AIF Distribution template.pdf
Chapter Distribution Plan template(Exhibit C)
Exhibit D - RDCMA-07-21 Summary Sheet.pdf
Summary Sheet template(Exhibit D)