Video Technology


Explore work in an area of individual interest, selected and pursued in consultation with teacher. Individualized project examples are community or school based media projects, important environmental topics, global or local issues or your own original idea. Make your own video blog or add to the Nauset TV YouTube channel. All students will have the opportunity to use the Lower Cape TV Studio, green screen, digital camera and editing equipment.


Learn how to “tell the story” like a pro. This class offers a hands-on approach to video technology with an emphasis on communication skills, filmmaking, news reporting, script writing, directing, cinematography, editing and sound. There’s a niche for everyone! Whether you are the talent or the crew, writer or set designer – we will discover your best side. You’ll definitely show up on Nauset News either in front of the camera or behind. Commercials, public service announcements, music videos, special effects, movie contests and more. All students have the opportunity to use the Lower Cape TV Studio, green screen, digital camcorders and editing equipment.
"It allows me to be creative and become comfortable in front of the camera. It has helped me get out of my comfort zone- giving me more confidence. I even have my own show!" JORDAN OUR


Your skills achieved in BU60 (Intro to Video) will help sort out the bells and whistles added to this class. Digital cameras, green screen, editing, voice-overs, music inserts, and creating action shots using camera trickery are only a mere sampling of the innovative techniques you will be introduced to. Come find the magic recipe for creating attractive and interesting programs. With some added “know-how” your productions will be as successful as you! All students will have the opportunity to use the Lower Cape TV Studio to produce group or individualized shows as well as creating entertaining videos that show your creative side.

"I'm hoping to take similar courses in college.I would like to further my skill set in film or TV production. I enjoy editing the most. It's what I really look forward to in regards to creating the final project. No projects are ever the same!"KYLEIGH SHELLEY


Enhance your technical skills to express yourself and your ideas through a mixture of TV production coursework and individualized projects to expand your talents as a videographer. Enjoy film making techniques, story development, cinematography, editing, directing and sound. Equipment and facilities include: HD TV Studio, HD Field Production equipment, editing suite using Final Cut Pro©, and audio workstation. Students gain valuable experience producing programming for Lower Cape TV’s Community Access channel, developing story concepts and scripts, along with audio, lighting and camera fundamentals. Students will have the opportunity to take field trips around the Lower Cape while also producing school wide programs. Turn your raw footage into a complete program to be distributed on Lower Cape TV, Nauset TV YouTube or your own YouTube channel. This class is for the mature video student.
"So cool that we get to enter State-Wide Video contests. Earning money from something you can make at school is really fulfilling!"ELI PATRICK



This course introduces students to the basics of sports video production. At the end of the course students will have an understanding of sports production in field, post game production and studio environments. Students will have hands on opportunity to produce the weekly "Nauset Sports Rundown" show in the Lower Cape TV Studio. In addition, students will explore work in a sports area of individual interest to create end projects such as athlete highlight videos, community and school media projects. Course will include enhancing skills in reporting, interviewing, camera and editing.