Start of School Acknowledgement Documents

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Special Education Services


Cherie Perez, TK Email Ms. Perez Leslie Vasquez, Instruction Assistant
Georgia Schaaf, Kindergarten Email Mrs. Schaaf Mandy Fong, Instructional Assistant
Randy Hodge, Kindergarten Email Mr. Hodge Siria Stevenson, Instructional Assistant
Mike Turner, Kindergarten Email Mr. Turner Sarah Gordon, Instructional Assistant
Melissa Hannigan, Kindergarten Email Ms. Hannigan Cheri Whitaker, Instructional Assistant
Calica Eby, 1st Grade Email Ms. Eby
Wanda Crader, 1st Grade Email Ms. Crader
Lisa MacMillan, 1st Grade Email Mrs. MacMillan
Andrea Naten, 1st Grade Email Ms. Naten
Danielle Glenz-Zeki, 2nd Grade Email Mrs. Glenz-Zeki
Kendra Gorski, 2nd Grade Email Mrs. Gorski
Pamela Jones, 2nd Grade Email Mrs. Jones
Carol Turner, 2nd Grade Email Mrs. Turner
Pam Lavell, 3rd Grade Email Mrs. Lavell
Darcy Pacheco, 3rd Grade Email Mrs. Pacheco
Debbie Schimke, 3rd Grade Email Mrs. Schimke
Katie Kim, 3rd Grade Email Mrs. Kim
Colleen Farris, 4th Grade Email Mrs. Farris
Reina Fresquez-Garcia, 4th Grade Email Mrs. Fresquez-Garcia
Lori Stolp, 4th Grade Email Mrs. Stolp
Mark Totey, 4th GradeEmail Mr. Totey
Arene Brown (Abbott), 5th Grade Email Mrs. Brown
Brandon Breckenridge, 5th Grade Email Mr. Breckenridge
Patrick McClurg, 5th Grade Email Mr. McClurg
Jasmine Reese, 5th Grade Email Mrs. Reese
Melissa Morse, 6th Grade Email Ms. Morse
John Meehan, 6th Grade Email Mr. Meehan
Michelle Stellmacher, 6th Grade Email Mrs. Stellmacher
Julie Leporiere, 6th Grade Email Mrs. Leporiere

Patricia Molina, Spanish Email Senora Molina
Charles King, 7th/8th Social Studies/Technology Email Mr. King
Ashley Monroe, 8th Science Email Ms. Monroe
Melinda Lai, 7th Science Email Mrs. Lai
Deb Buffleben, English Language Arts Email Ms. Buffleben
Meagan Miller, 7th English Language Arts Email Mrs. Miller
Jessica Murphy, 8th English Language Arts Email Ms.Murphy
Lea Riedel, 7th/8th Mathematics Email Ms. Riedel
Korrina Smith, 7th/8th Mathematics Email Ms. Smith
Debbie Vigil, Physical Education Email Mrs. Vigil
Keith Millward, Physical Education Email Mr. Millward
Nelson Espinoza, Physical Education Email Mr. Espinoza

Support Staff

Stephanie Schulzkump, Principal Email Mrs. Schulzkump
Mandeep Biring, Assistant Principal Email Mrs. Biring
Kerry House, Secretary III Email Mrs. House
Michelle Cooksey, Secretary II Email Mrs. Cooksey
Christina Hernandez, Secretary I Email Ms. Hernandez
Elena Sonesath, Health Tech Email Ms. Sonesath Susan Caspar, District Nurse Theresa Gallagher, Library Technician Email Mrs. Gallagher

CustodiansSeth Sanders, Reynaldo Fraga, Maria Torres
Campus SecurityMarcus Young & Dave Ramirez
Playground SupervisorsCynthia Eaton, Pinky Caguin & Jamie McShane
Food Service StaffApril Glaves, Imelda Haro, Ranjani Goundar
Melissa Wing, Learning Center Email Ms. Wing
Carolina Landin, Learning Center Email Mrs. Landin
Avelina Tan, Learning Center Email Ms. Tan
Learning Center Instructional AssistantsTina Drenth Ana Prado Cindy Mulligan
Tanya Beever, SDC Teacher
Maggie Gugin, SDC Teacher Email Ms. Gugin
Kristina Wiegel, SDC Teacher Email Mrs. Wiegel

SDC Instructional AssistantsNamrata Bassi Colleen Bousliman Tanya ArchieChristel DeHawarneh Christa Erlank Marisa Lau Genoveva Hernandez de Sterci

Kaliicye Holloway, Psychologist Email Mrs. Holloway
Melissa Huerta, Social Worker Email Ms. Huerta
Mandy Stellmacher, Speech Teacher Email Mrs. Stellmacher
Mora Mahoney, Speech Teacher Email Ms.Mahoney
Anna Lotich, Occupational Therapist Email Ms. Lotich
Estefanti Santana, Behavorist Email Mrs. Santana

Contact Us

Main Office/Attendance: (916) 567-5680

Stephanie Schulzkump, Principal