English Learner Education (ELE)

Brown Elementary School, Natick, MA

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This is a website for the Natick community to find resources helpful for English Learners

About Me
I have been Teaching ELE since 2016 and joined the team at Brown Elementary School in Natick in 2021.  Throughout my years of teaching, I have worked with students from over 20 different countries.  I love meeting people from all over the world and learning about their lives and cultures.  The ELE field often lets me work with the same students for several years, allowing me to connect and deeply understand their families.
I have my BA in English and an MS in Human Environment Relations, both from Cornell University. While originally from western New York, I spent ten years in Seattle and landed in Massachusetts in 2010.  I currently live in Westwood with my family.
Outside of teaching, I am busy with my children, coaching soccer, cooking, reading, and spending time outdoors.