BY LAW CHANGE - Branch 916 is looking to give the Editor a raise. The position currently pays 5 hours a month. Previous Editors have also brought up that a significant amount of more time was required. Due to the current world pandemic the position and our newsletter has become even more crucial. The request is to provide the editor with 10 hours a month. See E-Board Page

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Corona Virus Resources

Have you or a loved one been directly affected or exposed to covid-19? Here are some resources to help you out.

First thing's first, here's a copy of the PS 3971. If you miss work for any reason, you have to fill one of these out.

Here are a few statements that have been approved by the USPS management. The first is memorandum 1924, which extends our additional leave benefits through September 25th and the other is a mandatory stand-up talk from April 2nd that attempts to clarify the process behind taking covid-19 related leave.

These systems are still quite complicated, so don't hesitate to reach out to your union stewards to find out what your options are in the event of exposure. Try and follow all CDC guidelines and, if you're showing symptoms, don't hesitate to call out from work and get tested. Here is a list of some of our local testing sites.

A History of the post office

Here's a great National Geographic article detailing the history of the post office and our struggles through the years.