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Tuesday's Tip #29 - PD Opportunities

Jill Averyhart, CEOE

PD Chairman

Tuesday's Tip #28 - Why You Should Attend Your State & National AEOP Conference

Berkeley County AEOP

South Carolina AEOP Conference

Myrtle Beach, SC

Tuesday's Tip #27 - How to Split Your Computer Screen Using the Windows Key

Diana Rodriguez

Garland Independent School District

Garland, TX

Tuesday's Tip #26 - Be Prepared for an Emergency

Julianne Hamblin

Granite School District

Salt Lake City, UT

Tuesday's Tip #25 - Correct Word Usage

Ruth Putnam, CEOE

Casper, WY

Tuesday's Tip #24 - iGive.com

Georgette Council, CEOE

Columbia, SC

Tuesday's Tip #23 - YouTube Viewing Tips

Jill Averyhart, CEOE

President Elect

Professional Development Chair

Tuesday's Tip #22 - New Year, New Vision, New Focus

Tamika Sherman

Columbia, SC

Tuesday's Tip #21 - Interview Tips

Paula Rosenberger, CEOE

Columbia, SC

Tuesday's Tip #20 - Tips to Reduce Stress

Jackie Fey

Fayette County Public Schools

Lexington, KY

Tuesday's Tip #19 - Office Supplies to Get You Organized

Sandra Baker, CEOE

Columbia, SC

Tuesday's Tip #18 - Q-Tip

Jill Averyhart, CEOE

Columbia, SC

Tuesday's Tip #17 - The Importance of Taking a Break At Work

Rosemary Duff, CEOE

Los Angeles Unified School District

Los Angeles, CA

Tuesday's Tip #16 - Stress Free Holiday Tips

Tuesday's Tip #15

Beth Heyden, CEOE

Perris, CA

Tuesday's Tip #14

Cyndee Amezcua

Hemet, California

Tuesday's Tip #11

Laurie Cannon, CEOE

Columbia, SC

Tuesday's Tip #10

Mary Beth Smith

Cincinnati, OH

Tuesday's Tip #9

Tamara Baldwin, CEOE

Columbia, SC

Tuesday's Tip #8

Liz Vazquez, CEOE

Rochester, NY

Tuesday's Tip #7

Jodi Granger

Richmond, VA

Tuesday's Tip #6

Katherine Reichley, CEOE

Constitution Day website: http://www.constitutionday.com/

Book: If You Can Keep It: The Forgotten Promise of American Liberty by Eric Metaxas

Tuesday's Tip #3

Tuesday's Tip #2