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Wellbeing Week

Monday 9th - Friday 13th May 2022

World Suicide Prevention Day 10th September 2021

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day.

Our 6th Year prefects will be raising awareness for suicide prevention around our school today. The prefects will be meeting with Mick Ryan from the Light in the Darkness initiative and his crew who are travelling via motorcycles from Dublin to Cork today to raise funds for Pieta House. We want our whole school community know that it is not to be ok, and to please ask for help if you need it.

Please support Pieta House by donating via the following link:



NCC Wellbeing Week 10th -14th May

Darkness into Light Saturday 8th May in aid of Pieta House

On Saturday, the 8th of May, we are asking members of the NCC school community to join us (virtually!) by taking part in Darkness into Light, and to share their sunrise images with us. There are no organised Darkness into Light walks this year due to government restrictions, so we are asking you to share an image of your walk/run (within your bubble!).

We will all share the same sunrise, spread the same message of hope and help all those impacted by suicide and self harm. We want to make sure that we support this cause in a safe way, together, but apart, while staying connected.

We will share all of your images here on the school’s social media platforms. Just send us a screenshot through our DMs (if you tag us and your page is not public, we cannot share it).

Sign up at darknessintolight.ie, or donate to the Team Fundraiser to support this great cause.


NCC Wellbeing Logo Competition

Design a logo with the theme of WELLBEING for NCC.

Please drop your entries into the Art Room by 4.00pm on Wednesday 12th May, or email them to me at cosullivan@naascc.ie.

Our Creative Arts Prefect Leanne Gavin will assist me with the judging and winners will be announced on Friday. The winning entry will receive a prize and also feature on our school Wellbeing Site!

Best of luck!

Well done to our winners Rachel & Emily! See their designs below

Rachel Gilhooley

Junior Winner - 1st Year

Emily Torr

Senior Winner - 5th Year

Mindful Monday

Being mindful or practicing mindfulness means paying close attention to your thoughts and feelings. Sometimes, when we ignore thoughts or feelings, they can end up causing issues and can have a negative impact on us.

The whole point of mindfulness it to practice being in the present moment, not thinking about what has happened in the past, or what could happen in the future. There is a reason why you PRACTICE mindfulness, the more you do it, the better you get at it!

There are lots of ways to be mindful. Here are just a few that you can try:

Mindful eating

Mindful drawing/colouring

Mindful breathing

Give it a go today!

Stay well,

Ms. O’Sullivan


Showing GRATITUDE can have a hugely positive affect on our Wellbeing.

Being grateful is focusing on what is good in our lives, and being thankful for what we have. These can be very small things, as well as big. If you are feeling low, make a list of things you are grateful for to try and turn your negative thoughts to positive ones.

Show some gratitude to someone you are thankful for today!

Stay well,

Ms. O’Sullivan

Wellness Wednesday

Staying well takes some work, both physically and mentally. Eating well, staying active and minding our mental health are all vital for our Wellbeing. You might find one of these aspects easier to keep on top of than the others, so make sure you are doing the following:

Eating well – getting enough nutrients, vitamins and minerals from your food

Getting enough sleep – sleep is essential for our wellbeing, too much or too little can cause issues. Try to get the BALANCE right.

Staying active – exercise is so important, make sure you keep moving!

Take some time today to check in how you are feeling. Power through the middle of the week by using your skills from Monday and Tuesday – be MINDFUL and show GRATITUDE.

Maybe check in with a friend today too and see how they are doing!

Stay well,

Ms. O’Sullivan

Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtfulness and kindness can have a huge impact on others, but also ourselves. Giving and helping others can boost our mood and improve our mindsets.

Today you could:

Be extra considerate to those around you

Take time to help someone out

Do a chore/job without being asked to

Do something nice for someone in school or at home today!

Stay well,

Ms. O’Sullivan

Feel Good Friday

It’s nearly the weekend!

Take some time later today to do a self-care activity. This could be something as simple as giving yourself a water-drinking goal (try get 2 litres in!!), get creative, or even watch a movie!

Sometimes it’s nice to take some time to look after yourself, it can help us to de-compress after the school week.

I hope you all got something positive from the morning messages this week!

Stay well,

Ms. O’Sullivan

Bake Along Zoom

As a little treat to ourselves, next Thursday, 11th March at 5.00pm, I will be hosting a Bake Along over Zoom if anyone wants to join me in making some rocky road treats!

If you are interested, please sign up using the google form attached. I will send the zoom link to the email you use to sign up (your school email please!).

Please also see the list of ingredients and equipment you will need. This is an easy recipe with no actual baking (just melting and mixing!) and is open to all staff and students!

This zoom will give us a chance to see each other (virtually), and have a bit of fun while making some delicious treats :)

Parents and siblings are also welcome to join in with you!

Please email me if you have any questions cosullivan@naascc.ie

Looking forward to seeing you next week!

From Malin to Mizen Head and back again!


5th year students along with some staff are attempting to walk the length of Ireland twice over the next two weeks. This is in aid of the 'Donal Hollywood Ward’ in St James’ Hospital, Dublin. Please donate via the link below. Money raised will go to helping create a home away from home for the patients in this ward. .

All support greatly appreciated.


Donal Hollywood fundraiser .mov

2 Week Step Challenge

Now that we are back in another lockdown, its important to keep active and stay positive. As healthy living prefect, I am organising a “50 million steps” initiative, alongside our head prefect. This is also in line with Epilepsy Irelands nationwide awareness event for this important illness.

From the 1st to the 14th of February, all NCC students, staff and families are encouraged to go on a walk and get as many steps in as possible. Every small step counts! Now more than ever, its important to take a break and look after yourself so as a school lets try and get 50 million steps!

Everyone who participates is encouraged to upload a picture of their steps to their instagram story along with #NCC50Mil. And for students there will a space on your google classroom to post your steps! Last but not least, if anybody would like to support Epilepsy Ireland, there will be a link to their fundraiser as well!

Healthy Living Prefect, Diana

Resilience Photography Competition

Resilience at this time is as important as wearing a mask. Right now, we are going through a third level 5 lockdown and students are being put through a second phase of remote learning. The increase in positive cases has caused an increase in pressure on students, teachers and parents. We are all in a very tough place right now and what makes it harder is not being able to relieve that pressure by meeting up with friends, going to the gym or even going out.. However, we can tackle this and we will get there. If there is anything that we have learned in the past 12 months, we must take care of our wellbeing, our minds and allow our surroundings to be filled with positivity and the things that make us happy.

For those who don’t know what resilience is, resilience is adapting in the face of challenges or struggles. By being resilient you are not backing down from a challenge or you get back up and try again after being knocked down or failing at something. No matter what difficulties are put in your way, resilience is having the attitude to overcome them. I’m sure you can all recognize how crucial resilience is in our lives under the current circumstances we are going through. Resilience is imperative in cultivating a healthy sense of wellbeing, particularly as we face isolation, stress and uncertainty. Something that is circulating in all parts of our community during this time. We can get through this together, but how do you apply a resilient attitude in the face of such adversity, stress and hardship? I have put together 3 approaches and steps to help us be positive and resilient, especially considering we are online at the moment and not in our usual school environment. But Hopefully these 3 steps can help us actively think about how to be more resilient in this crucial period.

  1. Positivity: Understandably, this is possibly the hardest thing to have in the current situation but it is an essential part of being resilient. By keeping positive, you are allowing yourself to have a constructive outlook on life, which will help you to keep motivated, productive and most of all, will have great effect on your wellbeing. Maybe writing down 3 positive things at the start of each day can help set the tone for the rest of your day. or listening to your favourite song in the morning before you get out of bed for school? Something to start your day on a high to set you up for the day.

  2. Staying in touch: Texting, Facetiming, calling, snapping, by whatever means, on whatever platform, try to fulfil your social needs by communicating with people. It is extremely difficult for anyone who craves social interaction and for people who are alone during this time, so do try to reach out, connect and communicate with people. It is so vital that we let our friends and family know that we are here for each other even if we are apart. Dedicate your Saturday nights to game night on zoom or even just talk and catch up, whatever you decide to do, keep in touch. Relationships are key for human resilience. Don’t underestimate the power of talking and communicating with others.

  3. Doing what you love: The final key way in sustaining a resilient attitude is engaging in the things you love. Whether you are a film fanatic, a regular reader or a fitness follower, taking part in your favourite pastimes is a great way to lift your spirits. Particularly by doing sports and any form of exercise, you will be able to keep up your resilience. So even if you are the type that loves your indoor HIIT workouts, be sure to get outside for a walk or run and take in the fresh air. Clear the head. calm the mind. Take time for you.

Something I started doing in the initial lockdown was taking pictures of my surroundings and documenting my runs. I’m sure that anyone reading this has some photographs that you have taken over the lockdowns that you would like to share. For me, taking pictures was a great way of reminding myself that I will look back on these one day in the future when the word “lockdown” will be nothing more than a historic phrase. Taking these pictures are a great way of finding the good in what we’re going through and documenting these bizarre memories. Leanne, our Creative Arts Prefect and I have been talking about what we can do for the school body during this time and she has created a competition for students to send in any pictures that you have taken during the lockdowns and send them in with a small caption. The theme of your photo entries should be the theme of “resilience”. Please include a caption that helps describe the picture and a description. Please see Leanne’s information and posters for more information about the entries. It can be from how you now spend your Friday nights to a nice nature walk you did. Any submissions you have send them to lgavin.stu@naascc.ie , please take part for a chance to win a prize.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and I hope it helps you find some resilience and strength during this time. If you like a chat or have any questions don’t hesitate to email me, kkeogh.stu@naascc.ie .Stay safe!

Kate Keogh,

Resilience Prefect.


Today our TY students began the HEADSTRONG programme, a Mental Health e-learning programme,as part of their Social Studies/Wellbeing class. Huge thanks to @cycleagainstsuicide for providing us with such fantastic resources during this period of remote learning #itsoknottobeok #mentalhealth #elearning


HEADSTRONG, a mental health and wellbeing programme designed by Cycle Against Suicide for secondary schools, aims to:

1.Stamp out stigma 

2.Promote resilience 

3.Encourage inclusivity 

4.Enhance wellbeing 

5.Empower student voice 

Stand Up Week 2020

16th - 20th November 2020