Counseling Corner

Welcome to MVHS

My name is Amy Rothweiler, and I am the school counselor. Your education - your ability to learn - is essential to your success in the future. I believe it is my responsibility to ensure that you are equipped to succeed. To me, that means that you are placed in classes that you are prepared for and need to graduate. It means that you have the study skills and mindset to be receptive to your teachers. It means that you feel safe and secure at school. And it means that you have the skills to manage your emotions so that you are able to be "present" in class. Essentially, I want to make sure you are prepared to succeed in the world after high school. I look forward to getting to know you!

Contact me at During the summer months, you can leave a message at 208-732-7500 x3702

If you need to talk, you can complete the form below and I will call you from class as soon as I get a chance.

Important MVHS Dates

November 11: Orientation for New Students Term 3

November 12: First Day of Term 3

November 23-27: No School for Students (Teacher Workdays and Thanksgiving Break)

December 21-January 4: No School (Christmas Break)

January 13: Last Day of Term 3

January 14: First Day of Term 4

Interested in Attending MVHS?

MVHS accepts new students to start at the beginning of new terms. Students must interview with the principal and the counselor. If everything goes as planned, you can assume the registration process will take about 30 minutes. In order to ensure that, please follow these steps:

  1. Request an appointment by completing the Interview Request Form below. All new students will need an appointment.

  2. Print or request a copy of the Registration Form and the Application Essay. Those documents are available below or check the box in the Interview Request for copies to be mailed to you. These MUST be completed prior to the appointment time.

Link to Registration Form:

Link to Application Essay:

  1. If you are hoping to transfer from a school outside of the Twin Falls School District (i.e. not CRHS or TFHS), you MUST bring a copy of your current transcript.

  2. We have to limit those attending the interview to only the new students and their parents/guardians. Any others will be asked to remain outside. We also ask that masks be worn in the school building.

Remember, in order to qualify to attend MVHS, students must meet the state's at-risk criteria. That is listed below.

At Risk Criteria

An at-risk youth is any secondary student who meets any three of the following criteria:

  • Has repeated at least one grade

  • Has absenteeism that is greater than 10% during the preceding semester

  • Has an overall grade point average that is less than 1.5 (on a 4.0 scale) prior to enrolling in an alternative secondary program

  • Has failed one or more academic subjects in the past year

  • Is two or more credits per year behind the rate required to graduate or for grade promotion

  • Is below proficient, based on local criteria and/or state standardized tests

  • Has attended three or more schools within the previous two years, not including dual enrollment

A student may also be considered "at-risk" if he/she meets one of the following:

  • Has a documented or pattern of substance abuse

  • Is pregnant or a parent

  • Is an emancipated or unaccompanied youth

  • Is a previous dropout

  • Has serious personal, emotional, or medical issues

  • Has a court or agency referral

  • Demonstrates behavior that is detrimental to their academic progress (determined by the school)