2022 Registered Veterinary Technologist Compensation Review

The Alberta Veterinary Technologist Association (ABVTA); the Saskatchewan Association of Veterinary Technologists (SAVT) and the Manitoba Veterinary Technologists Association (MVTA) commissioned this review.  All three Associations are professional membership associations for registered veterinary technologists within their respective provinces.

The objective of the 2022 Registered Veterinary Technologist Compensation Review was to gain a comprehensive understanding of compensation and benefits provided to Prairie Registered Veterinary Technologist (RVT)s this includes determining aggregate provincial and cross-provincial compensation practices.  

The primary goal for the review was to identify gaps and opportunities in said practices and make recommendations to achieve consistency for RVT compensation and benefits. In addition, information gathered provides a baseline for future surveys and establishes common duties and responsibilities within the profession. 


2022 Compensation review report

We would like to thank all of our members who completed the 2022 RVT Compensation Survey.  Information was gathered and reviewed by an independent Human Resources Consultant and through data and comments provided by 1556 (40%) of the total membership of all three provinces, a number of trends and observations were made that could ultimately influence the industry of animal health.  The following highlights concerns and opportunities identified:


The below complete report provides:

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Provincial member & industry summaries

Click the links below to review the summary for your province as well as review the 7 industry & employer recommendations as well as the 8 RVT member recommendations.