The Blue & Gold December Edition

Conflict, Governor's institute and more. Check out the last paper edition of 2023 from your Blue & Gold student newspaper.

Our students are interested in what matters, the truth, the drama, the seed of our stories and source of our creativity, MHS!

Want to show off your art?

Like Tristen Duy's artwork here, do you have artwork you'd like to share? Consider submitting your works to

Blue & Gold gets a new look!

B&G Member Brianne Gallas is the source of inspiration and creativity on our newest Blue & Gold Logo.

The Drama Continues

Our characters from a world far far away continue their journeys of corruption, discovery, and destruction in the latest edition of our B&G Cartoon by Michael Adakai Vehanen & Michael Goyet.


Discover MHS AP Classes through our reporter Brianne Gallas's article.