MPS 4th-12th Grade Orchestras

Welcome to MPS Orchestra!

We are beyond excited to have you join our award-winning program and are looking forward to what you will bring to the program and our orchestra family!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide opportunities for each student to fulfill their musical potential and instill a life-long appreciation for music. In the pursuit of making our students superior musicians and better members of society, we will teach the core values of leadership, character, and self-worth. All our actions and decisions will be guided by the question, “What is best for our students?”

Program Goals

Students will develop the following skills and concepts:

  1. A high degree of music reading encompassing: correct rhythm, tempo, bowing and left-hand techniques, dynamics, precision, tone, and the ability to be versatile and adjust to any given musical circumstance.

  2. The ability to work cooperatively with others toward the performance of music in and with the ensemble.

  3. The knowledge of a wide variety of orchestral literature.

  4. A high level of quality artistry through individual musical awareness, control, and technical facility.

  5. Self-discipline; self-confidence; responsible and dependable behavior.

  6. Respect for others, loyalty to the ensemble, and pride in the organization.

  7. Respect for and proper use of equipment.

  8. The ability to comprehend and foster higher-level thinking skills.

MHS Magic City Campus Orchestra

2018 Orlandofest Competition Orchestra

Meet Our Staff!

Jolie DeVries

Elementary: Bel Air, Lewis & Clark, Longfellow, Sunnyside

Ashlie Drummelsmith

6th Grade Orchestras: Jim Hill, Ramstad

Carol Hepper

Minot Air Force Base Orchestras

Elementary: Bell, McKinley, Perkett, Roosevelt

Kari Moen

7th-12th Grade Orchestras: Jim Hill, Ramstad, Central Campus, Magic City Campus

Donna Randash

Elementary: Edison, John Hoeven,