SY 2021- 2022

November 2021

Issue #1

Welcome Back!

University High has opened back up their doors for students to come back on campus. This 2021-2022 is different from any other year here at Uni and will definitely be a memorable year. Just as we are welcoming all staff and students, we are also welcoming our new wildcat students and staff as well as remembering old staff who have left us. Best wishes to former school psychiatrist Roberta Barnes and a big welcome to our new Main Office Administrative Assistant Ms. Hernandez, our new teachers Mr. Villafaña, Mr. Hutchings, Mr. Azmon, Ms. Lopez, Ms. Griffin, and to Mr. Peterson in the Student Store.


Brahim Hafza

Photo taken by David Felipe

Interviewed by Getsemany Fernandez

Editor in chief

Mr. Villafaña

Photo provided by Mr.Villafaña

Interviewed by Getsemany Fernandez

Editor in chief

Brahim is a new transfer student from Lebanon and is new here on campus. Learn more about him as a student and a huge welcome to him.

Mr. Villafaña is a new math teacher here on campus. He teaches Algebra 1 and 2. Learn more about him as a teacher and his insights.

Are you new on campus?

“Yes I started online junior year but this is my first year on campus ever”

What grade are you in?

“I am currently a senior”

How do you like Uni so far?

“ I think uni is alright so far, I’ve made some friends and finally getting the American high school experience”

How did you end up moving to Uni?

“Well I lived in Lebanon and things were pretty bad, so we moved, it wasn’t easy but we’re here now and I’m glad”

Tell us more about who you are.

“My favorite sport is basketball, like fashion, hopefully graduate with a decent GPA and am a big music nerd”

What are your hopes for the end of the year?

“I hope to graduate high school with decent grades and experience the full American high school experience”

Tell us about your time here at uni?

“ I actually started my first year teaching here at uni during the pandemic, which was the 2020-2021 school year but this is my first year here on campus”

Describe your first year teaching?

“It was very different due to the pandemic but I was able to communicate with my students and help them learn through the current situation”

Can you tell us more about yourself?

“Yes actually I went to venice high school and grew up here in california and I enjoy hiking, being active and playing fifa”

What do you like about uni so far?

“I like the math department here and the staff and students are great”

What are your hopes and plans for this upcoming school year?

“ I hope to connect with my students, help them learn and reach their math strengths regardless of our current and future situation”