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School Spirit

School spirit is the positive attitude students and teachers have about their school. It helps bring different groups of students together and unites a learning community. Students who feel connected to their school are more likely to enjoy being in school and work hard for their grades. Here at Oxnard, we like to show our Oxnard Scholar’s pride so please look out for flyers inviting students to participate in:

  • September 14 - Super Hero Day
  • October 22-26 - Red Ribbon Week
  • October 31 - Halloween Parade
  • November 16 - Sports Day
  • December 14 - Pajama Day

Oxnard’s School’s Guiding Principals are


The focus for August and September will be Respect.

Please help by speaking to your children about the following:

1. I treat others the way I want to be treated

2. I respect laws, rules, and school authority

3. I treat people fairly and respect their rights

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