Improving Sexual Education Classes

The Issue

Sexual education is limited and censored in schools in Los Angeles, California. This leaves students with a lack of information about their reproductive health.


Lack of knowledge regarding sexual education leads to negative consequences. This issue causes unwanted teenage pregnancies, various misunderstanding of sexuality, and confusion regarding how to take care of reproductive health. This could be avoided if sexual education was taught more effectively.

Policy Connection

There is a missing policy that enforces sexual education in Los Angeles public schools for students. LAUSD schools only make sexual education classes or health classes required for one semester which is not enough time for students to properly learn and remember information on their reproductive health.

Improving Sex Education

CAP Presentation

We created this presentation in order to share specific and important details regarding our Civic Action Project that we might not have mentioned here on our website. We go in depth on statistics on teenage pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. We encourage you all to check it out!

Our first step was to create a survey directed towards LAUSD students from middle school to high school. Our survey consisted of questions involving their opinions on how if their schools have done a good job in teaching sexual education.

Our next step was to create a new survey, but this time, direct it towards parents and guardians of students. In this survey, we asked parents if they believe that their children are getting effective education on their reproductive health.

After doing some research on teen pregnancies in California, we decided to email William Celestine. William Celestine is the Wellness Policy Committee Facilitator and we believe that he would be able to give us information on this issue.

Our final step was to create this website to bring awareness with our petition and podcast, on the needs of effective sexual education in schools. We hope more people will be encouraged to look into improving their schools sex-ed class.

Student Survey Results
Parent Survey Results

Emailing Officials

We sent out the email to the LAUSD Wellness Policy Committee Facilitator, William Celestine, and asked him the following questions:

  1. Are there currently talks about making sexual education taught more in-depth for a longer period of time?

  2. Is it possible to implement more resources into current health classes such as informational videos and anatomy models?

  3. Could you possibly share any information you have regarding sexual education being taught in health classes in LAUSD schools?

William Celestine has contacted us and we look forward to having meetings with him and his colleague, Mr. Kordic, who is the lead administrator over health education . Click here to read the email we sent and his response.

Click Here to Sign Our Petition!

If you would like to get involved, check out our petition to try to make sexual education taught for more than one semester. Lets try and reach 100 signatures! #OneSemesterIsNotEnough

Click Here to check out our Podcast!

To keep spreading awareness on the needs of effective sexual education, we created a podcast! In this podcast we talk about specific issues and our future plans on trying to solve this problem.

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