The Centralian

The official newspaper of Grand Forks Central High School

The Centralian 2018-2019

Journalism III students: Grace Jackson, Allison Lundmark

Journalism II students: Jordan Gates and Kylee Sanders

Journalism I students: Nikki Anderson, Kyleigh Denning, Teanna Eley, Eliana Estrada, Nicole Hageman, Hannah Hynek, Emma Jackson, Desire Justus, Famatta Kollie, Alexis Kraemer, Kayla McCollum, Lauren McCreary, Danika Ogawa, Avery Peterson, Dakota Sims, Trinity Tuinder, Abbie Varberg, Boyuan Zhang

Adviser: Mr. Matt Berglund

Mission Statement: “At Grand Forks Central will build character, provide opportunities, and strive for excellence. The official school newspaper, The Centralian, incorporates these virtues to provide a fair, honest, accurate, and comprehensive account of events and issues.”

Editorial Policy: The Centralian, founded in 1923, is the student newspaper of Grand Forks Central High School, acting as a public forum for student views. Opinion columns are the personal viewpoints of the individual writers. Letters to the editors from students are welcome, but must be signed. The content of the Centralian does not represent the policies, beliefs, or opinions of the Grand Forks Central administration.

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