Red River High School Counseling Department

Red River Counseling Mission Statement

The mission of Red River High School Counseling Program is to promote academic achievement, social/emotional growth, and college and career readiness for all students in a safe and respectful environment. In partnership with teachers, administrators, parents and community, school counselors will advocate to support and maximize the success of every student. 

Red River Counseling Vision Statement

All students graduate from Red River High School as high-achieving learners, college and career ready, well prepared to meet the challenges and high expectations of the 21st century. All students participate in rigorous curriculum and have opportunities for personal growth.  All students are supported by the comprehensive school counseling program, which facilitates partnerships between the school, family and community.  All students are successful, life-long learners and productive citizens, achieving to their fullest potential and making a positive difference in our school and community. 

Sources of Strength

Staff and students at Red River High School are trained in the Sources of Strength program. To find out more, visit the website!                                   

Upcoming Events

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