Owner Builders and Home Owners

  • Are you struggling to work out your budget?
  • Wondering if the price you are considering is competitive?
  • Having difficulty obtaining prices from builders?
  • Needing help obtaining finance and/or certifying payments

My Estimator can help all of the above problems by providing an estimate of the cost of your new home or renovation.

Because we are often engaged by home builders to prepare their price to you, the unrated version of this estimate can be given to your potential builders to make the process of obtaining competitive quotations so much easier.

For owner builders our estimates give you the ability to control your costs just like the professionals.

Our services are used by many home builders on a regular basis.

Multiple home owners have engaged our services, starting by sending us their plans by email or our document portal, and getting us to quote the price of preparing an estimate.

With banks often now requiring certification of progress payments by a registered quantity surveyor, getting us involved early will significantly reduce the cost of this requirement.

We have also helped home owners by providing advise either pre contract, or to help resolve issues with insurance companies, when terminating a building contract, or as an expert witness for court cases.

We would be delighted if you could make My Estimator, your estimator.