This unique professional learning opportunity is comprised of two distinct opportunities for Certificated Staff:

  • A one-day professional learning event led by EdTechTeam (Company is undergoing a rebranding -- name change coming.), that will help extend our learning about implementing technology for teaching and learning. Certificated staff will be compensated at the hourly rate.

  • Separate stipends for the completion of a Google Level 1 or Google Level 2 Certification for Educators by July 29, 2021, and upload via the link in the top right corner on this site. Each stipend is worth $500. Certificated staff must pay the testing fee for any of the certification exams on their own.


If you attend the professional learning event, AND also complete a Google Level 1 or a Google Level 2 certification by July 29, you will receive a new district-issued laptop! đź’»


  • What is the compensation for this opportunity? Staff will have the opportunity for different levels of compensation, based on their participation

    1. Hourly Pay rate for participation in the PL event, led by EdTechTeam (The company is undergoing a rebranding...expect a new name)

    2. A $500 stipend for completion of a Google Level 1 Certification (by July 29, 2021)

    3. A $500 stipend for completion of a Google Level 2 Certification (by July 29, 2021)

    4. A new district-issued laptop, if you attend the PL event, and complete either a Google Level 1 or Level 2 Certification.

  • What is Google Certification? Google Certification allows educators to build additional expertise, accelerate their learning, and showcase their skills in leveraging Google's set of tools for teaching and learning. More information about these certifications can be found at

  • How much do the Google Certification exams cost? The cost for a Google Level 1 exam is $10. The cost for a Google Level 2 exam is $25. Participants will have to pay for the exams on their own.

  • Will the PL Event be in person or online? We are still working out the details with the EdTechTeam, but are currently planning for face-to-face sessions with contingency plans to meet any public health requirements at that time.

  • Are the Google Certifications online? Yes. The preparation and review for Google Certifications are handled online. The exams will also be conducted online.

Participant Questions and Feedback

Session Recording | May 14, 2021 (3:15 - 4:15)

Summer PL/Google Cert Info Session #1 (2021-05-14 at 15:18 GMT-7)