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Trust Wallet - The most trusted & secure crypto wallet

Trust wallet is one of the leading crypto wallets across the world that allows the user to buy, store, collect NFTs, exchange, and earn crypto. Traders are allowed to trade various cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. More than 10 million people have been using Trust Wallet due to safety and security of the funds. The safety of the funds is ensured by bank-graded security. Over millions of customers from several different countries have been using Trust wallet since 2017.

Investors can use Trust Wallet by simple installation of Trust wallet app on their mobile either Android or iOS. They can easily buy and sell the cryptos using this wallet. If you are still thinking upon the usage of the app for storing cryptocurrencies then you have begun with its set up first. This is not it, we will also discuss important aspects related to how to install Trust Wallet app in your device, ways to recover the Trust Wallet password, steps to fix the issues that you encounter while using Trust Wallet and more. So, with no further delay, let’s begin with the steps to setup Trust Wallet.

What is the procedure to install Trust Wallet App on your Mobile?

Simply follow the given steps to download and install Trust Wallet app in your mobile device-:

  1. Pick up your device on which you want to install Trust Wallet app either Android device or iPhone.

  2. Now, open the App Store for iOS device or Play Store for Android device.

  3. Enter ‘Trust wallet’ in the search bar of the app or play store and then hit ‘Enter’ to get the results.

  4. Locate and hit on the ‘Install’ or ‘Get’ button.

  5. Wait for a short while to Trust Wallet successfully installed in your mobile device.

What is the procedure to setup Trust Wallet?

Firstly, make sure that your device has an active and fast speed internet connection. Then, follow the given steps in order to successfully set up Trust wallet on your device.

  1. Open the Trust wallet app on your device

  2. On the homepage, locate and tap on the ‘Create wallet’ button

  3. Now, select a password for your Trust wallet.

  4. If asked, then you need to re-enter the password to confirm it

  5. Now, agree with the Trust wallet terms and conditions

  6. After that, locate and tap on ‘Next’ to move to the next page

  7. On the given webpage, search the recovery code for your account

  8. Write down the recovery code on a piece of paper and make sure to keep it safe.

  9. Now, user need to confirm the recovery code on the next webpage

  10. Type the secret code and confirm it to proceed

  11. After confirming the code, tap on the ‘Finish Setup’ button

  12. Congratulations! Your Trust wallet is ready to use.

What are the steps to login Trust Wallet?

After you are done with the setup of the Trust Wallet, you can simply access it Trust wallet account password. The steps to login Trust wallet are given below-

  1. Launch the Trust wallet app on your device

  2. Now, enter the password of your wallet

  3. Then, hit on ‘Next’ to proceed in order to confirm that wallet belongs to you.

  4. Then, you need to hit on the ‘Login’ button

  5. Congratulations! You have successfully logged in to your Trust wallet account.

What is the process to recover the Trust wallet?

Given below is the Trust Wallet recovery process, follow the given step by step guide to do so-

  1. Open the Trust wallet app on your mobile

  2. Now, locate and tap on the ‘Import wallet’ button

  3. User is now required to enter the secret recovery code

  4. Recheck the recovery code again & hit on the ‘Next’ button

  5. You need to create a new password for your wallet

  6. Again, type the password in order to confirm it

  7. Now, search and hit on the ‘Import’ button

  8. Finally, your Trust wallet has been recovered successfully.

How to fix Trust wallet issues?

You may be encountering one of the following issues while using Trust Wallet. So follow the below given tips for resolving these common issues-

  • Firstly, make sure that mobile is connected to active and high-speed internet while using the wallet.

  • Ensure while importing the wallet you are using correct secret recovery code.

  • Clear the Trust wallet app data and cache file

  • Update the Trust wallet app to fix the bug

  • Still if you are facing any other issue or lost your secret recovery code then you need to get in touch with one of the team members of Trust wallet customer service agent for further assistance.

Conclusion : Trust Wallet - Best Cryptocurrency Wallet

To conclude, Trust wallet is most preferable & reliable crypto wallet services. If you are a professional crypto trader then you will definitely love this wallet due to its high-security and advanced features. Funds management becomes extremely easy with the use of this wallet.