Google Sites


Google Sites allows you to create aesthetically engaging sites that can house anything from course content to a professional digital portfolio. Sites is simple to use and places your entire suite of Google Apps at your fingertips. If it lives in your Google Drive, it can be added to your SITE.

The Possibilities:

Below is a list of uses for SITES, but these are merely suggestions, not limitations.

  • Class/Course Website
  • Online Instructional Modules
  • Group Projects
  • Faculty/Student E-Portfolios
  • Final Project/Capstone Display
  • School/Department Documentation

This Site

This site is meant to support CSUCI Faculty and Students in creating their own sites. Each page is organized according to specific features in SITES. If you have a need not covered by the content of this site, visit the Google Help Site, OR contact Megan Eberhardt-Alstot at