Texans are proud of their state and where they came from. We hail from Belton, TX, home of the oldest operating department store in the state, one of the 50 best BBQ joints in the world, and one of the largest Fourth of July parades in the state. You have 30 minutes to explore the site and decode the clues to unlock the Belton Breakout.

Chisholm Trail

From 1867 to 1884, the Chisholm Trail was a large cattle drive that led ranchers from south Texas up to Kansas to deliver their cattle to the railroads and waiting farmers. O. W. Wheeler and his associates were the first of many to use the Chisholm Trail, bringing more than 2,000 steers from south Texas. Today, Beltonians celebrate "Christmas on the Chisholm Trail," an annual event hosted by the city that provides food, fun, and entertainment for the residents of Belton.

Famous Beltonians

There are many famous Beltonians. Some have achieved literary success, while others have been war heroes or entertainers.


Founded in 1845, the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor began as a co-ed college. However, in 1886 it became exclusively for women and became known as Baylor Female College. Men were able to attend a few classes on campus and were bussed back and forth. They became known as the Campus Boys. In 1971, the oldest college for women was made co-ed again. Since then, UMHB has become a university, offering multiple bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees. In 2016, the nationally ranked UMHB Crusader Football team took home the National Championship title and trophy.


Belton Lake

Belton Lake is a source of fun for many Beltonians. Whether out fishing, tubing, or playing on the beach at BLORA, many residents spend hours during the summer months enjoying all that Belton Lake has to offer. Unfortunately, Belton has seen an invasive species, Zebra Mussels, enter the lake. Residents are encouraged to clean, drain, and dry their boats in order to prevent the spread of the mussels throughout Texas lakes.

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