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AOL Mail has managed to acquire global recognition for the online products and services that it provides. And a huge part of the strong reputation is how the brand suffered, fought, and won over the years.

Even though it now offers a ton of services across different online areas, the AOL Mail service has always been the face of the brand with an ultimate focus on it. That is because it is the initial product that came out with the brand launch.

We know AOL since its inception, we saw it suffer, and finally, we witnessed it struggle, improve and succeed. And today, AOL is not just an email service provider brand, it is now an official online service provider that offers tons of Internet-related services along with the email service.

Here, in this read, we will be familiarizing you with the AOL Mail service, along with its features, and procedural steps to sign-up. You’d also get to know how you can set up reminders on your account, and create your email signature.

Know the special traits that AOL Mail offers

With a account, you get access to several features that you can yield benefit from and keep on enhancing the time you spend in your mailbox. Thus, we thought it would be great if we share the exclusive traits that AOL users get to experience with the list below:

  • It is a free email service that offers several other AOL online services.

  • It is an entirely customizable email account that lets you create signatures.

  • Outgoing emails would have free and automatic spelling checks for efficiency.

  • Users get to schedule tasks with the participant’s coordination capabilities.

  • With special tools, your account automatically takes care of phishing emails.

  • Users can add file attachments to the outgoing emails up to 25 MB.

  • Other AOL products/services- Search and Recover, AOL Live Talk, etc.

Signing up steps for AOL Mail account

Here, in this part of the read, we’ll be walking you through the explicit steps that users need to undergo to have an AOL account and become a part of the service:

  1. Initiate the procedure with getting into the AOL website.

  2. Hit on the “Login/Join” option on the page to move on.

  3. Move forth to hit the “Create an account” option key.

  4. To go further in the process, type in the necessary data.

  5. Now tap “Continue” and give verification some time.

Note: Once, you’ve completed the verification, your account is good to go.

Learn the explicit steps for creating email signatures

This part of the read has been designed to help you create your digital signature that will be added to each of your outgoing conversations at the end. Enlisted are the steps that you need to undergo after you’ve created your AOL Mail account:

  1. Begin the process by entering the “” website.

  2. Type in the account credentials to sign in to your account.

  3. Place and hit on “Options” and move to hit “Mail Settings”.

  4. Spot the option link that reads “Compose” and tap on it.

  5. Keep the stated requirements in mind and create a signature.

  6. Spot the “Use Signature” tab within “Rich Text/HTML”.

  7. Double-check the submitted data, and hit “Save” post assurance.

Learn to set up reminders on to your AOL account

This part of the read will walk you through the steps of setting up reminders after you sign in to your account on

  1. Mailspring is a free application for helping you maintain your email account, add account updates, add read receipts on email texts received, and so much more. Go through the download and get it installed.

  2. Next, you need to rush to the official site by the brand- and use your account credentials to log in.

  3. Now, launch the downloaded application and head to the “IMAP/SMTP” on the screen for setup and feed in the connection details that match your AOL Mail account.

  4. Wait to get access to your AOL Mail account on Mailspring and then tap on the Reminder Symbol (a bell icon) so that you can set up customized reminders.


The detailed read above has been created to help you understand AOL and its services with an extra focus on AOL Mail. Starting with its major traits and features, we’d told you all about the steps that users undergo to create an account on Also, you’ve been able to understand the procedures for creating customized email signatures, and setting up email reminders. By the end, you’d feel that you’ve known AOL all along.