Fires of Hell

Steampunk / Science Fiction / Fantasy

Date Published: August 17, 2016

Sale Price: $2.99

When airship engineer and rogue pyromancer Amelia Everley’s captain is murdered, she vows to find his killer and make him pay. She didn’t count on having to babysit the captain’s attractive but annoying son Josiah through his first command. Nor did she expect to need all her skills, both mechanical and alchemical, to keep the Mercury flying when sabotage threatens to wreck the ship and kill the crew.

If only she knew who to trust. Josiah, who hates pyromancers on principle? The first officer, Lieutenant Whitcomb, who disapproves of women aboard airships and might have expected the captaincy in Josiah’s place? Or should Amelia cut her losses and accept a position in a rival company with the charming Silas Fairlane? The wrong choice could mean losing her freedom—or her life.


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