Back to School Night


Welcome to Fedde Academy

Thank you for visiting our virtual Back to School Night. Below you will find photos of our school staff and teachers with links to their presentations. Enjoy! We're glad you are part of the Fedde family!

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Ms. Macias, Principal

Ms. Molina, Assistant Principal

Office and Support Staff

Ms. Mata
Secretary, Attendance

Mrs. Muñoz
Secretary, Registration

Mrs. Perez
Secretary, Principal

Ms. Martinez, CRC Coordinator

Ms. Pascuale, Librarian

Mrs. Bennani, Nurse

Language Arts Teachers

Ms. Gomez

Mrs. Obando

Mr. Toste

Ms. Vidal

Ms. Toro (Student Teacher)

History/Social Science Teachers

Mr. Costa

Mrs. Dye

Mr. Laines

Mrs. Reyes

Science (and Art) Teachers

Mr. Gregory

Mr. Laird

Ms. Martinez

Mrs. Vo

Math Teachers

Mr. Arellano

Mr. Ibarbol

Mr. Lechuga

Mr. Ramirez

Reading, Spanish, Band Teachers

Ms. Rodgers

Mr. Ham

Señora Márquez

Ms. Morales

Physical Education

Ms. Ambatali

Mr. Barba

Counselors and Mental Health Professionals

Mrs. Armenta-Gomez

Ms. McCloyn

Ms. Larios

Ms. Sanchez

Thank you!