CLMS Mentor Program


The sixth grade mentor program is an opportunity for all students interested in enriching their middle school experience. This program aims to teach students good habits for the future and how to use helpful resources such as Google Classroom, Khan Academy, Quizlet, and many more useful sites. Through this program we hope to strengthen the students’ organizational skills, study habits, ability to ask questions, and much more. Though this program is meant to be educational, we hope that it is a fun experience too. For sixth-graders, making a fun activity into a learning experience will not only let them absorb the new information, but it will help them to remember it and enjoy learning.

High school students selected to be mentors have demonstrated good leadership qualities, responsibility, and a solid work ethic. Each of these students have exhibited a desire to help the sixth-graders who are a part of this program. Mentors will participate in topic-specific seminars such as hands-on workshops with the sixth-graders. These workshops can include how to navigate their teachers’ school pages for information or even how to effectively use programs like Noodletools. There will not only be group sessions to assist the sixth-graders but there will be one-on-one meetings by request to further make sure each student is getting the help and attention they need. As the program advances, we hope to create groups for the students who are struggling in certain academic areas so we can help them in more depth. All sessions and activities will be online for the time being due to the concern of the coronavirus and the intent to keep every student and their family safe. It is our job as mentors to help the students achieve a healthy, happy, and successful school experience.

If this program interests you at all, please contact us for more information at: