MVHS Emergency Preparedness

Emergency planning at

Merrimack Valley High School

The safety and security of Merrimack Valley students and staff is and will always be our highest priority. High school staff members receive training in a variety of emergency scenarios.

See Something, Say Someting!

  • In August of 2016, a team comprised of MVHS School Resource Officer, MVHS Administrator, and MVSD Facilities Director attended a week-long Emergency Preparedness course at FEMA's Emergency Management Institute.
  • MVHS and MVSD administrators have been trained in the National Incident Command System.
  • In ​accordance with NH RSA 189:64, emergency response plans (EOP's) have been developed by school and district teams to ensure that all schools meet emergency response preparedness guidelines established by the New Hampshire Department of Education, and the New Hampshire Department of Safety.
  • MVHS has a full-time School Resource Officer (SRO) representing the Concord Police Department in the building.
  • Parents are encouraged to review the resources provided in this website.