Loop Tour

2017 KFC Strip Trip

Tour #1 Jun 24 - Jul 2, Tour#2 Jul 22- Jul 30

The Mid-Valley Bicycle Club Loop Tour is an annual nine day cycling & camping tour in Oregon and sometimes elsewhere in the Northwest region. The first Loop Tour was held in 1976, see history.looptour.org, and it has taken place nearly every year since.

This year marks the 41st anniversary of the Loop Tour, and the event will be run as a one-way "strip trip" from Klamath Falls, back to Corvallis (hence "KFC"). The tour is dedicated to Dan Youngberg, who originally developed the idea and the route for this year's tour.

Keep an eye on EVENT NOTICES for the latest LOOP information.

Read the Participant Guide at guide.looptour.org for lots of useful and important information about the tour. The Loop Tour is run TWICE each summer; typically the first one ends on the last Sunday in June and the second one ends on the first Sunday in August, but schedules can vary. Gear and equipment SAG is available, and the route is normally a 400-500 mile loop somewhere in Oregon, but again, this can vary.

To Sign-Up for participation in the tour, please click the link below (fee schedule will be provided). Further information appears in the Event Details section below.

Sign-up here early! The Loop Tour is open to current MVBC members only, and participation is limited. There is no Mail-In registration option. If you are not already an MVBC member, it is easy to become one. Please go to join.mvbc.com. Everyone is welcome.

Come ride the Loop Tour with us this year. Bring your family, and tell your friends to check it out too at www.looptour.org (this page). It's hard to find a more beautiful way to experience the Pacific Northwest.

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