Virtual Pathways


Welcome to the MUSD EducatEveryWhere Virtual Pathways Program, serving first through twelfth grade students. As your partners in education, please know that you will have teachers and staff to help guide you as the home coach and your student. You will find much of the information you need on this page. Again, welcome to the exciting year together that we have ahead of us!

Virtual Pathway Program Support Contacts

Kristan Prolo

Coordinator of VPP, Elementary | 408-635-2662 ext.1605

Karisa Scott

Coordinator of VPP, Secondary | 408-635-2805 ext. 4405

Liz Riddley

Secondary VPP Secretary | 408-635-2805 ext. 4401

Priti Johari

Executive Director of Learning and Innovation | 408-635-2600 x6042

Program Information

ELEMENTARY: Enrollment for 2022-2023 School Year for 1st-6th grades

  • Registration is being formalized through MUSD’s Open Enrollment process. The Open Enrollment period is March 1-31 ONLY. If the Open Enrollment request is granted, your child will be transferred from their residence school into Randall Elementary’s VPP program as a school of choice. Please do not wait to complete this request. One per child. See the MUSD Open Enrollment website here.

  • The program being offered at Randall means all VPP teachers and students will be a part of the Randall Elementary SuperStar community. This will allow us to support the teachers and families in learning, activities, events, and many more areas. If students need in-person support, the VPP teachers will have a space at Randall to meet with them to provide this support as they will be working onsite at Randall each day.

  • The teachers will be providing instruction through a model more similar to Distance Learning and not using Edgenuity. This still means there will be periods of asynchronous instruction when a teacher is working with small groups, but your child will be working directly with the teacher often during the school day.

If you do not wish to have your child attend VPP for the 2022-23 school year, there is nothing to do at this time. Current 2021-22 VPP students who do not complete the Open Enrollment form will be placed back at their assigned residence school where space is available for the 2022-23 school year.

SECONDARY: Enrollment for 2022-2023 School Year for 7th-12th grades

  • You must contact your students' academic counselor to request a referral to the Virtual Pathway Program.

Calaveras High School

Jonathan Payne

Milpitas High School

Valerie Lamb

Aldine Dimmick

Beth Harke

Julie Cler

Adrian Hernandez

Cory Nakamoto

Jennifer Evarkiou

Milpitas Middle College High School

Karisa Scott

Rancho Middle School

Denise Hall

Russell Middle School

Latisha Roberts

Current Information for 2022-23 VPP Program


  • Your student does not need to wear a uniform for the virtual pathways program

Class Google Meet Links

  • We will use Google Meet for asynchronous class time, parent meetings, etc.

  • Links will be provided by the teacher prior to the first class meeting.


  • Elementary students will have until 9:00 pm to turn in their daily assignments. If an assignment is past this time, you will need to email the teacher. It will be important to stick to the instructional schedule.

  • Secondary students have a more flexible asynchronous time but will need to keep engaged and on track with assignments.

  • Your students attendance is based on any synchronous time spent (elementary) and based on student productivity; thus, completion of assignments is very important.

Synchronous times and daily check-ins

  • TK-6th grades will have daily synchronous time from 8:30-10:30 am

  • 7-8th will have weekly synchronous (individual appointment times with the teacher) AND daily check-ins in the afternoon (see representative schedule below).

  • 9-12th will have a weekly meeting (individual appointment time with the teacher).

Instructional Materials

  • All TK-5th graders will receive workbooks a few weeks after class begins. For the pdf supplement until then, please see the link here.

  • For all 6th - 12th graders, there are no books needed. Instructional materials are built into the learning platform.

Chromebook/Device Loaners

  • Please start your year with your current Chromebook loaner. We will do an exchange a few weeks after we begin the new year. Should you need to check out a device to begin, please fill out the form here.

School Meal Program

  • Survey - Please fill out if you have a need for a school meal. The results of the survey will help us decide where to distribute meals.

  • Application for free and reduced meals here.

How to Enroll

  • For Elementary - we are no longer enrolling students in VPP for the 2022-23 school year.

  • For Secondary, please contact your school Counselor to request a referral. And to support consistency in academic programming for students there will be "no movement" the last three weeks of the grading periods. Please note there is currently a waitlist for enrollment at the secondary level.

  • If your student has an IEP or 504, a site level meeting must be held to determine whether a change of placement is recommended by the team.

Return to In Person Learning

  • All requests to return to In Person Learning need to be submitted by Friday, April 8th due to the beginning of State testing at all school sites (including VPP). All students will be returned to In Person Learning for the 2022-23 school year if an Open Enrollment request form was not submitted in March 2022. Every attempt will be made to return students to their assigned residence school. If the listed address is not correct, please contact your current assigned school immediately to complete an address update as soon as possible as any late year changes may not be able to be placed at your new school.

Elementary Instructional Schedule and Minimum Day Schedule

Representation of Secondary Instructional Schedule

School Calendar

Small Group Tutoring Option

Virtual & Small Group In Person

Small Group Tutoring - Virtual

Link to Come

Small Group Tutoring - In Person

Link to Come

Tutoring Survey Link

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