Marshall Pomeroy Elementary

Toy Drive

Hosted by Club 6

December 10th- 20th

Thank you for your donations!

Parent’s Night Out

Need a night with the kids taken care of? Get your holiday shopping done, go out to a nice dinner, or take some “me time!” You deserve it!

The sixth grade teachers will take care of your children for $5 per student--we’re cheaper than a babysitter!

All proceeds go toward the 2018-2019 Science Camp fund.

Who? Pomeroy students

When? Thursday, December 13th from 6:00-8:00 p.m.

Where? The Learning Lab

How? Return the sign-up form with $5 per student by December 13th.


Get ready for the Jack Emery Food Drive through December 12!

GOAL: Whole School: $3.500and 3,500 cans Each Class: $120 and 120 cans

Incentives / PRIZES!

  • PIED!! If the whole school reaches our goal for cans, your President will be pied in the face, if the school reaches the goal for money, your Vice President will be pied.
  • Hot Cocoa? Free Dress? If you bring 100 cans or $50 you will get to choose whether you want hot chocolate or a free dress pass.
  • Extra Recess! The Primary and Intermediate classes with the most cans and money will get an extra recess!
  • Principal Lunches! If you bring the most cans or money, you will be given the opportunity to eat lunch with our wonderful Principal and Vice Principal, Ms. Klein and Ms. Sainten.

Donation Ideas:

Cash, Soup, Spaghetti sauce, Juice, Condiments, Salsa, Rice, Pastas, Cereals, Spam, Ramen, Mac and cheese, Jello, Baby formula/food, Pancake/Waffle/Cake mix, Oatmeal/Cream of wheat, Ravioli, Olives, Tuna, Caviar, Canned/Refried beans, Canned ham, Corn beef hash, Tuna, canned Fruits/Vegetables, Canned/Dry pudding, Cookies, Chili, Vienna sausage, etc.

Please make sure all donated food is safe for eating. Thank you!

PRIDE Event: Holiday Crafts & Movie

December 14th


Postponed until March

Marshall Pomeroy Elementary School

Principal: Nichol Klein Vice Principal: Deanna Sainten

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