Resources for Current Families

COVID-19 Updates

NYC DOE Coronavirus Updates

NYC Coronavirus Updates

Resources for Families (En español)

Manhattan Resource Guide - Accessing shelters, free meals at schools, soup kitchens, schedules for uptown and downtown food van, legal services and emergency phone numbers for mental health, suicide and domestic violence.

Neighborhood Guide to Food & Assistance - Food stamps, WIC, meals for seniors, delivery of meals to home, employment and training, health insurance and legal assistance.

Managing Student Loans Amid COVID-19 - CARE Act updates which provide some relief for student loan borrowers, information about loan forgiveness/relief, steps to take if you lost your job and can’t pay.

COVID-19: What Workers Need to Know - Unemployment insurance benefits, stimulus payment information, family and medical leave, federal emergency paid sick leave, small business loan information, child care assistance and centers for children of essential workers.

COVID-19: Navigating Every Day Activities - At-home activities for children, homeschooling info, MTA info, NYC parks, volunteering/donation opportunities and financial resources and tips

COVID-19: Navigating Essential Services - Stimulus payment information, additional financial assistance (cash, social security), health assistance, mental health resources, housing assistance

COVID-19: Financial Tips - Budgeting and spending, payment obligations, income supports, prioritizing necessities and NYC financial counseling centers.