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The Mullan School District is committed to providing a safe, inspiring, enriching and rewarding educational environment for the purpose of helping students live satisfying and fulfilling lives while attaining and maintaining their maximum potential as successful, productive citizens.

The school district is also committed to working with business and community leaders, local, state, and federal governmental officials and agencies to help foster an economically and socially sustainable environment for our school district, while protecting our historical and cultural community values.

District Announcements

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the regular meetings of the Board of Trustees of the Mullan School District will be held for the conduct of business at 7:00 p.m. in the John Mullan Elementary Board/Faculty Room on the SECOND Monday of each month continuing through December 2022, unless the Board duly cancels such regular meeting or, by resolution and written notice, changes the uniform day of the uniform week designated for regular meetings of the Board.


Said regular meetings of the Board of Trustees are held pursuant to Section 33-510, Idaho Code.


Dated this 10th day of January, 2022                                                                 

Cathy Anderson, Clerk of Mullan School District #392,  Shoshone County, Idaho


For those students who were in Special Education in the Kellogg, Wallace or Mullan Schools

through the year 2016, Silver Valley Special Services COOP will be destroying inactive special

education files. Inactive special education files through the year 2016 are scheduled to be

destroyed the first week of June 2023. Destruction of these records is the best protection

against improper and unauthorized disclosure. Please be aware that if you have special

education records on file with the school district, these records may be needed for Social

Security benefits or for other purposes in the future. If you would like your special education

file please call 208-784-7430 prior to May 5, 2023. You may pick up your file at the Silver Valley

Special Services Coop office located in the Kellogg Administrative Annex after making


Positions Open:

Part-Time Music Teacher        

Part-Time Elementary Aide

Contact District Office 208-744-1118

Application - Certified Teacher.pdf

Tiger Talk

Welcome Back, Tigers!

I’m so excited to be back with our teachers and students for another great year!!  I hope everyone had a wonderful summer, and I look forward to hearing about their adventures!!

Our maintenance crew has been busy working on a variety of projects over the summer.  One of the bigger projects is in regards to school bus parking.  The elementary playground/parking lot has been modified to allow for the school bus to pull off the street when loading and unloading students.  This should ease congestion on the street and be a safer situation for both parents and students, especially during the snowy winter months.  

We have two new staff members this year - Bonnie Johnson has joined the ranks of our custodial/maintenance staff.  Bonnie is a Mullan graduate who formerly worked at the Wallace School District.  It's nice to have a Mullan girl back in our school!!   We also have a new Special Education aide, Miss Jessa Smith, who is from Charlo, Montana.  She has a degree in math and has experience providing educational assistance for junior and senior high school students.  We welcome her to our school!!

Varsity volleyball and football seasons have begun. Judging by the list of activities, our students are going to be very busy next month!!!   Best of luck to both teams for a successful season!  

Looking forward:  

1st Day of School - August 24

HS Football  @ Superior MT - August 26

JV Football vs Superior @ St Regis - August 28

HS Volleyball @ Cd’A Christian (Holy Family) - August 31

HS Volleyball @ GPrep (The Courts) - September 5

HS Volleyball @ Clark Fork - September 7

HS Football vs Kootenai - September 8

JH Volleyball vs GPrep - September 11

JV Football vs Plains @ St. Regis - September 11

HS Volleyball vs Kootenai - September 12

HS Football @  Wallace - September 15

JHVB - Play Day Tourney @ Kellogg - September 16

HS Volleyball vs GPrep - September 18

JH Volley @ Wallace - September 18

HS Volleyball @ St. Regis - September 20

JH Volleyball vs Lakeside - September 20

HS Volleyball @ Lakeside - September 21

HS Football vs Clark Fork - September 22

JH Volleyball @ Kootenai - September 25

HS Volleyball vs Clark Fork - September 26

HS Volleyball @ Kootenai - September 28

HS Football @ Worley - September 29

Welcome back and thanks to all of you who continue to make Mullan Junior/Senior High School the best!!

Jacki Almquist


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