Using AHS

Theatre Training

in the Real World

10 Ways Being a Theatre Major Prepared Me for Success

Line Producer: Ashleigh Nichols

Make-up Artist: Cortney Heiser

News Reporter: Fabiola Ramirez

Spotted in Disneyland:

Flynn Rider , Doctor Strange, Bert!

Published Screenwriter:

Jake Chandler


What if your life was everything you dreamed of, till the time you had a nightmare?

Film Industry: Brandon Gonzalez

Dr. Christopher Vieira

Development Executive for Higher Education for APPLE

Local Teachers/Administrators -- Former AHS Drama Students:

Mrs. Buhrman (AHS), Mr. Abril (AHS), Mrs. Oates (Thomas Oleata), Mr. Castillo (Thomas Oleata), Mr. Martin (Peggy Heller), Mr. Jones (Bellevue), Mr. Worden (Mitchell Senior), Mr. Thomas (Los Banos), Mrs. Saetern (LHS), Dr. Vieira (CSUFresno/APPLE), Mr. Alvarez (Peggy Heller), Ms. Young (Ballico),

Starring AHS Drama Alum