Mahendran Classroom site

WELCOME you all to my classroom site for 21-22 school year. Kindly click each tab at the top to see more details. Also click each one to see individual teaching period. I will be updating this often. From August 2,2021. I am very excited , happy and looking forward for an excellent year. I will be on campus from 7:00 A.M -3:30 P.M.


Phone 928 634 7531 extension 2201

Hi students,

Kindly bring ALL homework in person even the absent/make up work. If you are NOT absent, and would like to make up any missed work within a day or TWO please come to AOT to do it in my room. Work completed elsewhere needs to be justified, and approved by me, sorry. I am NOT accepting or grading anything submitted in Google classroom. Let us enjoy the personal interaction now!!!

Also contact me at