Digital Media and Journalism

Madrid Digital Media and Journalism

This course focuses primarily on learning the principles of Digital Media and Journalism which includes: photography, graphic design and video production. The journalism section of this course creates a school-wide newsletter, the Bulldog Bulletin, which is distributed once a month to all homeroom classes.

The photography component trains the student to see the world through different lens to create a more memorable image. They must complete a series of photography challenges that require the student to focus on different aspects of photography and photo retouching.

In graphic design, the student learns to blend images with text to create an interesting visual , such as business cards, invitations and magazine covers that would appeal to a viewers eye.

Video production allows the student to understand all stages of production: pre-production, production and post production. They write scripts, shoot scenes, and edit using iMovie or Final Cut Pro. They learn how to work as a team to create a completed video project such as public service announcements.

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