Graduation 2019

& Spring Events



We look forward to sharing this wonderful spring season of celebration with you. In countless ways the teaching and support our young people have received from their families have been instrumental in bringing them to this point in their lives. Mount thanks you for that presence and effort in educating these young adults to help form them into strong men and women.

We are confident that based on their experiences as students in a Brothers of the Sacred Heart school, our graduates are well-rounded, faith-filled, self-disciplined, compassionate, and academically prepared men and women who respond to God’s love.

Thank you for the partnership we enjoy in the education of these fine young people. The information below will help you to plan for the graduation season.

Spring Important Events Calendar

End of Year events calendar 2019

Class Advisors Slide Presentation

Advanced Placement Pre-registration session

AP pre-administration will be completed in TC on a schedule created by the School Counseling Department. Read about exam policies here from the College Board.

Students are expected to be present for the full day of school regardless of the time of their exam. Students should be in at the normal time even if they have an afternoon exam.

If a student cannot take the exam on the National Test Date, then an additional $50 fee is charged by the College Board to take a late exam. The late exam days and times are designated by the College Board. A legitimate reason for the late testing is required. As a proctor must be available to sit with a student for the entire exam period, up to 4 hours. Offering late exams can pose many challenges.

College Signing Day - May 1

We ask all seniors to wear a college or military shirt, sweatshirt or jacket on this day. Celebrate with the National College Signing Day!

Grandparents day - May 3 (register by April 26)

Seniors can invite grandparents to Mount on Friday May 3rd. Grandparents will attend first period class with their senior grandchild at 7:45am or tour the school. Students without grandparents or with grandparents out of state can invite a significant adult relative like a godparent or aunt. A traditional benediction ceremony will then be celebrated followed by a May breakfast. This registration form must be filled out by the student: REGISTER HERE by April 26

Service REquirement Due - May 17 for Seniors

Senior service requirements must be completed and turned in to religion teachers by May 17. SERVICE SITE

Senior Last Day of Classes, Ice Cream Social and Shirt Signing - May 23

This is the last full day of senior classes. One senior performance assessment will be taken during period F also. Mount will provide an ice cream social for all seniors, faculty and staff so that students can have their shirts signed.

Senior obligations - Due May 24

Students must ensure all tuition payments, library books, lunch payments, senior surveys, athletic uniforms(unless Spring season continues past graduation), fees etc. are returned in order to receive graduation materials. Families with outstanding tuition payments will not be given graduation tickets, cap, and gown at rehearsal. All senior tuition balances in arrears must be paid by May 24th.

Senior Performance Assessments: May 25-31

All performance assessment days are half days except for May 23-31st. None on Mount Day May 24th or Memorial Day May 27.

  1. Seniors who are exempt from finals do not have to report to school.
  2. Students must take final exams in the order in which they are given.
  3. Graduating seniors will leave the building upon completion of their final unless they are part of a set up crew or have rehearsal.

Ascension Thursday Mass - May 30

We ask all seniors to wear a college or military shirt, sweatshirt or jacket on this day. We want 100% senior attendance at the mass for your final school mass procession together. If you do not have the period E performance assessment on that day, you should be in by 9:15 in the gym foyer. After the Ascension Thursday mass in the gym starting at 9:30am, seniors will participate in activities with the school counseling department in the gym foyer.

Book Collection DATES - begins June 3

Parents' Council will have used book and uniform collection events on the following dates:

  • June 3 from 10-11am for Grade 12
  • June 7 from 8-10am for Grade 12
  • June 12 from 7:15am-Noon for all grades
  • June 13 from 7:15am-Noon for all grades

Senior Mandatory Naviance Survey - Due June 3

The following senior survey must be completed in order to receive materials for graduation at rehearsal. The School Counseling Office will send out information to all seniors. The survey is taken in the Naviance program.

Get a head start on your graduation requirements and take your Naviance Graduation Survey starting now.

  • Your Survey is located in your Naviance account under “surveys”
  • It is named “2019 MSC Graduate Survey
  • Please allow about 15-20 minutes to take the survey
  • Please take your time entering your information as incomplete surveys will need to be redone
  • Thank you!!! The information you enter into this survey is very important to us

If you have any questions about accessing or completing your survey, please see your school counselor

Mandatory Graduate REHEARSALs: June 3 (11am) & June 7 (9am)

Attendance at graduation rehearsals is mandatory. Students should not miss rehearsals or committee work because of other commitments. June 3rd meet in Chapel Hall. June 7th meet in the gym.

dress code for events

Senior Supper is casual

Senior Mass, Convocation, and Graduation Dress Requirements:

Appropriate dress is required to participate in these activities. Boys are required to wear dress slacks, collared dress shirt, necktie/bow tie, dress shoes and socks. Girls must also be appropriately dressed for a formal occasion. Flip flops, shorts, sneakers are not allowed. Also, you must wear the required cap and/or gown in order to participate. The gown usually requires some light ironing – please follow directions listed on the gown. Boys wear a blue gown and girls wear a red gown.

Caps - decorations that are one-dimensional only and appropriate are acceptable. The only time you wear both the cap and gown is for the graduation ceremony.

Commencement Liturgy - June 4

Commencement mass will take place in the gym on Tuesday June 4th at 6 pm in the gym. All graduating seniors are expected to attend. Extended family and friends are welcome. Students wear gowns only. Seniors should report to Chapel Hall by 5:30 pm in academic gown.

Academic Convocation - June 7

Convocation will take place on Friday, June 7th at 7 pm in the gym. Seniors wear academic gowns. All graduating seniors are expected to attend. Students should report to Chapel Hall by 6:30 in academic gown. All prizes and special scholarships will be awarded to juniors and seniors. Notify Mrs. Certo in the school counseling office if you are unable to attend due to a rare emergency.

Graduation day - June 9

Our 94th Annual Commencement Exercises will begin at 1:00 pm Sunday, June 9th in the Mount Saint Charles gym. Students must report to Chapel Hall by 12:15 pm. Gym doors will open at 12:00 pm.


All graduates will receive eight (8) tickets for the ceremony: two (2) parent seating tickets and six (6) general admission tickets. You will receive the tickets and your cap and gown at the rehearsal on June 3rd. Do not lose your tickets. Tickets are required to gain entry to the gym. Additional ticket requests (above 8) must be made in email to: . Graduates do not need a ticket. There is no guarantee that extra ticket requests will be honored. It is suggested that you contact classmates to determine who is not using all of their tickets. Please turn in extra tickets to be redistributed.


No parking is allowed along the single road between the building and lower field. This road will be closed from the front circle to the upper gym parking lot. Handicapped parking and drop offs are available in the upper gym parking lot that can be accessed from Logee Street to Welles Street to Monroe Street. A state issued handicap parking certificate is required to utilize this lot. A Woonsocket police officer will manage that area.

All other parking lots are open including the arena lots, Saint Agatha's Church and Bernon Heights Elementary School. Shuttle bus service will be available from the arena, church, and elementary school lots to the gym from 11:30-12:30.

Seating chart

Parents sit behind graduates. The only reserved seats are for the parents of the Val, Sal, MC and auction graduation seat winners.

Processional & recessional

Liturgy and Academic Convocation processions are not alphabetical. The graduation procession on Sunday is alphabetical.

It is important that all guests remain in their seats until after all graduates have left the gym. Use of the center aisle will be prohibited until the recession is complete. Graduates can be met outside.

student safety & behavior

During these next few months of wrapping up the senior year and celebration, it is important to remember that for safety and decorum, all the rules and regulations in the Mount Saint Charles Student Handbook are in force both on the high school campus and at all school sponsored or affiliated events.

The senior prom is only one of the events in these next few busy pre-graduation weeks. Any serious breech of the rules and regulations carries a consequence and, for seniors, additional consequences include the potential loss of the privilege of participating in the graduation exercises.

Hopefully we can all enjoy this season of achievement, celebration and graduation exuberantly, while at the same time, making good choices that support good behavior and safety.

Graduation photos

Individual graduation photos are taken of each senior as they receive their diploma. These are available to parents and students. Access the graduation photo packet here: PHOTO PACKET

Becoming a Member of the Mount Alumni Family

Over 9,000 Mount Saint Charles Alumni congratulate you on your upcoming graduation ceremony. We want you to stay engaged with the Mount network. Graduation Day will mark the beginning of a new relationship and many ways to stay involved. Wherever you go you will find members of the Mount alumni network dedicated to the success of Mount graduates.

This year we are asking all members of the Class of 2019 to make your first donation to the Annual Fund as a Mount Alumni. Our goal is to have 100% of the Class of 2019's names listed in the alumni Legacy Magazine. We ask that you make this donation and not your parents. Supporting Mount in this small way makes a big difference. Please bring in your $5 donation to the rehearsal on Monday June 3rd. Thank you!

In the Fall we invite you to come back to school for the Yearbook signing party. We will also invite you to become part of the Young Alumni Network. Return to campus to attend Communion Breakfasts, school masses, career awareness events, and participate in other events and programs. We hope to see you at reunion and alumni weekends. Volunteer to attend admissions events or come cheer on Mount sports teams. Serve on your 5 year reunion committee or support Mount with your time, talent, or treasure. There are so many ways to stay connected including saying thank you with your financial support by sponsoring a faculty or staff member during next year's walkathon. We look forward to working with you in the future and know that you are always welcome back home!