Works Cited

Tips for Creating a Works Cited Page

  1. The “Works Cited” is the last page of your report or project and is on a page all by itself.
  2. Center the word “Works Cited” on the top line of the page and underline.
  3. To complete the Works Cited for your project or report, take all the works cited entries and place them in order alphabetically using the first word of each entry. If you have two entries with the same first word, continue to go through those entries until alphabetically one comes first. Always drop the words “the”, “a”, or “an” from a title when alphabetizing.
  4. Single space each entry but double space between each new entry.
  5. The first line of each works cited entry starts on the left margin. If you need to go to more than one line, each additional line is indented to start about 5 spaces in (first tab on the computer) or type the whole entry, highlight the whole entry and press Control+T.
  6. Attach your works cited as the last page of your project or report.

Use these resources to help you create your works cited



Citation Machine