Ms. Castronovo

Welcome to 5th Grade GOLD team!


Math/Science: Mr. Bartholomew & Ms. Castronovo

LA/SS: Mrs. Whitehouse & Mrs. Camarda

About Ms. Castronovo

A little bit about me...

I graduated from West Chester University of Pennsylvania in May 2016. I received a BA in Early Grade Preparation and Special Education and I am eager to continue my teaching career for the 4th year at LMS! I went through the Montgomery Township School District (PreK-12) and graduated from MHS in 2012. I am so excited each year to teach back in Montgomery, as it has always been a dream of mine to teach in my hometown district! I love spending time with my family and friends and going to the beach! I am overjoyed to be teaching 5th grade at the Lower Middle School!

Contact Information:

  • Email:
  • Phone: (609) 466-7604

Classroom Locations:

  • Period 2: Math (A-10) with Mr. Bartholomew & Ms. Castronovo
  • Period 3: Science (A-10) with Mr. Bartholomew & Ms. Castronovo
  • Period 4: Math (A-10) with Mr. Bartholomew & Ms. Castronovo
  • Period 5: Science (A-10) with Mr. Bartholomew & Ms. Castronovo

After School Help:

  • Tuesday (A-10)


This year in Math we will cover various chapters! Some of the topics include:

  • Place value, decimals, fractions, multi-digit multiplication & division, word problems, area, perimeter, volume, & many more!


This year in Science we will complete four different units:

  • Space Systems
  • Structures & Properties of Matter
  • Earth Systems
  • Ecosystems

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