Mrs. O'Reilly

Supplemental Reading - 7/8

Replacement Language Arts - 7

After School Help Day is WEDNESDAY


I am a Certified Wilson Reading Specialist (Levels 1 & 2). I have been teaching in Montgomery since 1999 and have taught at Village Elementary School and the Middle School. I have three teenage boys and live in Hopewell.

There is no Homework for Wilson students. However, they should be reading every night.

Replacement Language Arts students - Please check Google Classroom for assignments and materials.

How Can I Assist My Child?

For every child, home activities that foster development of vocabulary and comprehension skills are important. When parents read aloud to their children and have discussions about the meaning of the text, children are exposed to more advanced concepts, even though they may not yet be able to read the material themselves. Listening to audiobooks is another great way to build comprehension and support classroom learning.

Encouraging children to speak up, express themselves, and think critically develops oral and mental skills that can later be translated into writing and composition abilities. Creativity and achievements in other areas should also be celebrated. Students who are struggling with reading or have been diagnosed with dyslexia may develop self-image issues and stop exerting effort into trying to read, so parental support and advocacy are especially important.