Ms. Svecz

Grade 8

Algebra 1 

In Algebra 1 we use the McDougal Littell Algebra 1 2008 edition textbook In the class, we cover solving and graphing linear equations and inequalities, systems of equations and inequalities, exponents and exponential functions, polynomials and factoring, quadratic equations and functions, radicals and geometry connections, and probability & data analysis.

Algebra 2

In Algebra 2 we use the Holt McDougal Larson Algebra 2 (2012) edition textbook. In the class, we cover quadratic functions, polynomials, radical functions, exponential and logarithmic functions, rational functions, data analysis and statistics, sequences and series, conic sections, trigonometric ratios and functions, trigonometric identities, equations, and graphs.


In Geometry, we use the McDougal Littell Geometry 2007 edition textbook. In the class we cover essentials of geometry, reasoning and proof, perpendicular and parallel lines, congruent triangles, relationships with triangles, quadrilaterals, properties of transformations similarity, right triangles and trigonometry, properties of circles, length and area, surface area and volume. 

Important Info


Access Parent Resources:  Link

Extra Help FLEX:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday @ 11:45am-12:15pm

****FLEX is a great resource almost every day to get extra help from your teacher!!!****

After School Help Day:   Thursday  (if this changes, it will be on the front whiteboard in my classroom)

Please utilize Google Classroom for all class materials!!!!

Go to the "classwork" stream on Google Classroom to find all lesson materials. This includes class SLIDES, Worksheets, Warm-Ups, Exit Slips, and ALL ANSWER KEYS to everything we do in class!

This is a great resource when you are absent, missed something from class, need extra practice/help, or just want to review/study :)