Welcome to 4-Winer

Laurie Winer

Village Elementary School Room #306

lwiner@mtsd.us 609-466-7606

Join Google Classroom...log on to your mtsd google account, and click google classroom. Then CLICK JOIN, and you are in!

Welcome to 4th grade! This will be a wonderful year of learning and having fun! The expectations are high, and the work can be challenging, but the students always rise to the occasion. I am hoping that each child feels valued and understood, and I hope that our family community in room 306 is always a positive, safe and comfortable one. Together, we will work towards treating each other well and working hard to be the best learners we can be.

Virtual Learning: Please work as hard as you can to complete and SHARE your work with me each day. It is SUPER important that you KNOW your multiplication facts (just learn one new fact a day!) and read for 20 minutes each day outside of the school day.