9/11 Memorial

This 9/11 monument shows all of the people that have past away from the tragic incident on 9/11

The architect Frederic Schwartz's goal was to create and design a memorial that "invites families and visitors to look back in memory of their loved ones and look forward as a community, and provides a place for prayer and reflection". Frederic Schwartz designed this monument to represent strands of DNA to show how everyone in this community is connected. Frederic Schwartz's goal for this memorial was to provide a gathering place for the individuals of Westchester to renew and grow.

Support The Rising Endowment Fund

For the memorial to be an everlasting tribute, donations are needed to help with its upkeep and the ongoing care and maintenance of its surrounding gardens and landscaping. Your support will ensure that The Rising can be viewed and appreciated by generations to come. With every donation, The Rising truly becomes a community memorial, uniting those who were not personally affected with those who have lost loved ones and who seek to preserve their memory. All donations to Friends of Parks, whether cash or in-kind, are tax-deductible and will be acknowledged. Those contributions over $100 will receive a special certificate. Individual funding programs are available and can also be created.

If you'd like to contribute, call (914) 231-4600.