James M. Carroll Park Redesign

About -

James M. Carroll Park is a park in Westchester County and is nearby to Thornwood, Sherman Park. James M. Carroll Park is also close to Leith Pond Park, Rose Hill Shopping Center and Graham Hills County Park.

What I want Carroll park to become -

What I am planning to do to Carroll park is to make this park more lively and make it the spot that all the little kid and older kids come too and play, have fun, let loose of energy, and hang with friends because right now there is barely anyone there and it looks dead basically. And only time kids really have fun there is when some kids come to play baseball for Sherman park (baseball team/organization).

Here is where you can find Carroll Park in Thornwood NY

Why I think an improvement of this park is so important -

I think an improvement of this park is so important because many people don't get out of the house and have fun away from there phones or any other technological devices this new modern park will show people what fun is like away for the technology. Also that if there is an young and new family's that are thinking of moving into the neighborhood the park will persuade them to buy and also it would be a great place for there little kids to come and play and even make some new friends, and for the teenagers i would like them to be able to come and meet up with there friends and have a nice time and maybe if they wanted to go on the playground and play games with different fields that I would like to add besides just the baseball field the park has. Lastly for the parents it would provide a nice and safe environment for there little ones or older ones, a place where parents could meet up with there kids and have play-dates and hang out and have there kids meet new friends.