Welcome Class of 2020

When trauma, tragedy, or unexpected turns come our way, it can be easy to focus on our lack of control and all the things we don’t have as a result. The Class of 2020, more than any other graduating class, has accordingly, had their clear vision put to the test. I am proud to say that the Graduates of 2020 of Mt. Lebanon High School have and will continue to rise above the temptation to dwell on what isn’t. They have risen, despite all odds, above our expectations and above all that has been brought to the world’s doorstep due to unpredictable circumstances generated by the pandemic. This class is celebrated for what they have done this year and all of their school years prior. The Commencement of 2020 is like no other in its history because the Class of 2020 is just as outstanding. In creating this site, it is our intention to emulate our commencement ceremony as much as is virtually possible. We hope that you enjoy listening to the speakers, musical performances, and of course viewing our graduates. Thank you to the Class of 2020 for all that you have contributed to our school and best wishes in all of your future endeavors.

Joel G. Thompson

Acting High School Principal

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