Rules & Regs



12 Rules to Live By

1. Being a member of this program means you are 100% committed to MHS Cheerleading. Team activities precede any other obligations, other then academics. If a cheerleader is removed/leaves from the team for any reason (other than medical or academic) they will be penalized one season.

2. All practices are mandatory. The only absences that are excused are school absence (illness) and family emergencies. Each cheerleader is allowed TWO other excused absences per season for important appointments (Doctor, Dentist…) All parents/guardians are asked e-mail the coach two days prior to appointments and a Doctor’s note must be provided after. Any unexcused absence will result in being benched one half of a game. All cheerleaders must be present the practice prior to a game in order to cheer at that game.

3. All games are mandatory. If a game is missed for any reason, cheerleaders will be benched one half of the next game. The coach MUST be notified TWO days prior. If coaches were not notified the cheerleader will be penalized an extra half of a game.

4. Cheer Camp is mandatory. If you cannot attend, speak with the coaches immediately.

5. All spirit activities are mandatory. Cheerleaders are expected to attend all football dinners, fundraisers, decorating, and any other spirit activities planned by the coaches or boosters.

6. BE ON TIME. If you are late to a practice, game, or event you will run extra laps (on top of warm up). If you miss game warm up for any reason, you will not perform in quarter cheers and may be removed from the halftime routine.

7. RESPECT. All cheerleaders and parents are expected to respect each other and the coaching staff- this means on and off the field (including social media). Giving 100% at all games and practices is expected; not giving your all may result in being removed from that game/practice. Any disrespectful acts will have seriously repercussions that will be decided by the coaching staff and/or the athletic director.

8. Cheerleaders may not practice without Coach supervision!

9. Proper attire is expected. Cheerleaders are expected to wear assigned clothing to practice, pre-game day and games.

Practice clothing: Assigned shirt, sports bra, black soffee shorts, spanx (flyers/tumblers) socks, cheer sneakers, hair up with practice bow.

Game Day: Uniform, midriff, spanx, bow, white socks, team sneakers

Pre-Game Day: Captain’s choice- either Uniforms, Jerseys, etc

10. Code of Conduct must be followed. If cheerleaders are found to be breaking the school code of conduct, punishment will be very serious (at the discretion of coaches and/or athletic director). There will be no fighting, smoking, consumption of alcohol, drug use, or inappropriate sexual behavior.

11. Items not permitted at practice: THREE “F”S= Food, Friends, and “Fones”.

12. $$Money. Cheerleading is expensive, we understand. A payment plan has been provided. All money is due on those dates. If you have financial difficulties, please see you coach. Any outstanding balances may result in serious consequences (at the discussion of the coaches).

REMEMBER: You represent Morristown Cheerleading both in and out of season and you are expected to behave in such a manner.

Failure to follow rules and expectations will result in immediate removal of privileges. Punishment is at the coaches’ discretion. Coaches’ decisions are FINAL.

**If a cheerleader is removed or quits from the team for any reason he or she will be penalized at least one season.