Scot Erickson

Class INformation


I am the art and drama teacher at Mascoutah High School.

In Art and Photography classes, students learn the fundamentals of design and composition. Beginning art classes focus on drawing and visual communication skills, while advanced classes give students an opportunity for broader visual expression.

Photography classes explore photography in both the darkroom and digital mediums, as well as some elements of Graphic Design.

Drama class provides a foundation in acting and characterization, the history and variety of theatrical arts from the performers point of view. In Stagecraft, students will learn everything that goes on behind the scenes, from building scenery and props to costuming, lights, sound, and rigging. Students should be warned that both of these classes require outside of class hours attending performances both at Mascoutah High School and the surrounding area.

I am also the sponsor of Art Club where we participate in creating artwork around the high school and attending art events like art fairs, museum tours, and other art events. Drama Club attends performances around the St. Louis and Southern Illinois area. We also produce the Fall Play and help with the Spring Musical.


I am the Art, Photography, and Drama teacher at Mascoutah High School, Auditorium Manager, and the Fine Art and Foreign Language Department chairperson with over twenty years of experience.