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M.S.A.D. 60 has a duty to locate, evaluate and identify any child residing in the District or attending a private school within the district who qualifies for Special Education services accommodations or services.

Children eligible for special education include those children with disabilities who have autism, deaf-blindness, developmental delay, emotional-behavior disability, hearing impairment, mental disability, multiple disabilities, orthopedic impairment, other health impairment, specific learning disability, speech or language impairment, traumatic brain injury, visual impairment, or developmental delay and who, because of such an impairment, need special education services.

If you suspect your child has a disability and may need special education services, or if you would like additional information, please contact your child’s teacher, principal or call the Special Education Department at (207) 676-2234 ext. 6

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MPF September Webinar -

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Maine Director of Special Services, Erin Frazier – Erin

Frazier, Maine Director of Special Services, will be

providing an overview about the Individualized Remote

Learning Plan for special education students.

Tuesday, September 8th – 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM Register – CLICK HERE

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4/22/2020 Parent Guides from Jill Mullin, BCBA

Video 1- Jill Mullin's (BCBA) Introduction to Training Videos

This video introduces me and the training videos that are to follow. In future videos I will be discussing some ABA topics and strategies that can help students practice their skills and maintain "compliance" which is having them practice skills that are structured and adult led. These videos are informal family training and will introduce ideas and activities that can be done at home. CLICK HERE

Video 2- Making a Schedule

Ideas on how to make a schedule for your child to follow at home. This can include a visual schedule with pictures or a written schedule for children who can read. CLICK HERE

Video 3- Using and Making a Token Board

Here is a video on how to use and make a token board for your child. I use some examples of how you can use the token board in everyday activities, as well as ideas on how to make one with materials you have at home. CLICK HERE

Video 4- Setting up the Teaching Environment; First/Then Boards

This video includes some ideas on how to think about setting up your home for learning/structured activities. There is also information on how to use a first/then board and how to make one at home. CLICK HERE

Video 5- Summary Discussion and Reinforcement

Today's video is a summary of topics from earlier videos such as setting up the teaching environment, token boards, first/then boards and setting up a schedule. Included is also a discussion on how reaching out to your child's teachers, speech pathologists and BCBA can help tailor these general family training topics to your child's needs. CLICK HERE

Video 6- Functional Communication: Requesting

Today's video discusses the importance of practicing requesting each day with your child. There are brief samples with PECS and vocal language on ways to practice requesting each day. Please reach out to your child's team (speech pathologist, special education teacher or BCBA) for guidance on how specifically to practice with your child based on his or her needs. CLICK HERE

Video 7- Following Instructions.

This video discusses the importance of practicing following instructions and gives ideas on how you can practice these skills at home. CLICK HERE

Video 8- Imitation Video

Here is a short video on imitation. I discuss why we teach imitation, and the importance of the skill as well as give some ideas of how to practice these skills at home. CLICK HERE

Video 9- Matching

This video talks a little about why we teach matching and gives ideas on how to practice these skills at home. CLICK HERE

Video 10- Summary for Practicing Requesting, Following Instructions, Imitation and Matching

Today's video reviews the topics from this week; requesting, following instructions, imitation, and matching. The video also gives some examples of how to practice and intermix these skills at home. CLICK HERE

Video 11- Part 1- Intro. to Understanding Problem Behavior

Today's video introduces the concept of assessing problem behavior by looking at the ABC model, and discusses how when starting a new intervention or strategy to reduce problem behavior there some times can be an increase in problem behavior at first but should reduce over time. CLICK HERE

Video 12- Part 2- Part 2 Intro to Understanding Problem Behavior (ABC's and intro. to functions)

Today's discussion is a review of the ABC's of behavior with an example and is an introduction to the functions, or reasons, problem behavior occurs. Once we know the ABC's of behavior and the function of behavior we can start to develop strategies to reduce problem behavior. CLICK HERE

Video 13-Part 3- Understanding Problem Behavior


Video 14- Part 4- Understanding Problem Behavior


Video 15-Teaching in the Natural Environment




Home Schooling Your Special Needs Child During COVID 19

It's okay to be overwhelmed. Join us for up to date information, resources, and a conversation about Special Education home schooling during COVID 19. Monday, April 13th at 3:00 PM. Register here:



SUMMER CAMP DIRECTORY- Maine Parent Foundation

Summer Camp Directory 2020

We have updated our summer camp directory for 2020. It is available on our website, If you would like a printed copy, call (800) 870-7746, or E-mail

Notice 10/3/19

Special Education is required to retain records through the age of 26. On November 15th record for students born in 1993 will be destroyed. Please contact the special education department at 207-676-2234 if you wish to pick up your records with a valid I.D.

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