MSAD 60 Professional Development Center

Noble Middle School

46 Cranberry Meadow Rd, Berwick, ME 03901

Shannon Swiger, Ph.D.

Director of Teaching and Learning

Director of Professional Development

Elyse Galeucia

Director of Certification

Ann Keravich

Administrative Assistant


The Professional Development Center Offers the following:

Kid-Free workspace for teachers ~ Meeting space for staff ~ New Teacher Support

Courses and Seminars ~ Ed Tech and Teacher Certification

Current Course Offerings

Summer Institute ~ 2022

(No cost to employees of MSAD 60)

Here is the information on the RBT courses and the registration links:

Studying Skillful Teaching

Skillful Teacher Sign Up (registration closes on July 11th)

The Studying Skillful Teaching program is RBT’s cornerstone program for building teachers’ capacity – the knowledge and skills as well as the courage and conviction – to promote students’ motivation, learning, and increased achievement. It is based on the belief that teaching is a process of decision-making; and that skillful teachers never stop learning through experimentation, data analysis, study, and collegial sharing about what works best for their students. This reflective dialogue is consistently rated as an invaluable asset for building common and coherent language among their educators. See Course Flyer for more details.

Foundations in Teaching (target audience beginning teachers and ed techs)

Foundations In Teaching Sign Up (registration closes on July 11th)

Beginning teachers and paraprofessionals need practical skills so that they can be successful in the first few years of developing their practice. This program addresses what skillful teachers must know and do to build an effective learning environment. See Course Flyer for more details. Participants will be able to:

  • Explain the impact of growth mindset beliefs and cultural proficiency on student motivation, learning, and achievement.

  • Apply a variety of ways to build a personal relationship with each student

  • Establish efficient and effective routines to maximize student learning time

  • Use appropriate moves to get students to pay attention and stay on task

  • Set and communicate high standards of behavior clearly and credibly to students

  • Analyze possible root causes of behavioral disruptions and appropriate responses

  • Develop and communicate clear learning objectives as the anchor for creating daily lesson plans