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Wednesday, November 9th: 3:00 - 5:30pm (VIRTUAL)

Monday, November 21st: 12:00-7:00pm (VIRTUAL & IN PERSON)

Tuesday, November 22nd: 12:00 - 4:15pm (VIRTUAL)


We have started our Earth Science unit! Students have completed their first project. We are starting a new section learning about the layers of the earth.


We have been focussing on adding and subtracting positive and negative integers and rational numbers. The students are learning how to model problems using the number line and "chips". We will start to examine modeling multiplication and division problems involving integers and rational numbers. Lastly, we will look at common mathematical properties for all four operations and order of operations.

Social Studies

Currently in SS, we are still focusing on our Africa unit. Students did an excellent job learning how to play traditional West African drum beats outside last week! We are continuing to look at individual countries in Africa and will be moving on to some fun history labs for the end of the trimester! Next trimester, we will be looking at a variety of world religions!


As we head into November, we will be reading the historical fiction novel A Long Walk to Water. This unit will connect with what students have been studying in social studies class about the geography and culture of Africa. We will analyze the impact of setting on the characters. We will also be studying our first unit of Greek/Latin root words and reviewing subject/verbs with a special focus on state of being (linking) verbs. This will help us as we move into the 2nd trimester and look at phrases, clauses, and complex sentence structures. As always, we continue to emphasize the importance of independent reading habits and skills. Students should be reading 2.5 hours every week at home for homework.

Hi Pandion haliaetus (scientific name for Ospreys) ! I'm Ms. Brox, I teach science! I am a super outdoor enthusiast. My favorite activities include kayaking, skiing, hiking and camping. I also love to explore and travel, to date I have visited 25 states and 24 countries. Next on my travel list is road trip to the PNW via the Canadian provinces! When I am not at school I coach field hockey, hang out with my dogs, read and spend time with family and friends. I love teaching science because it teaches us to appreciate the extraordinary world we live in and question why/how things happen! jbrox@msad51.org

Hello Ospreys! I am Mrs. Hartman. I have always loved math and I love teaching, but my first career was as a chemical oceanographer. It was a great career, where I traveled all over the world and I even crossed the equator. I have three sons and it is a good thing that I like to travel because they each live in a different time zone west of the Mississippi! My other interests are growing things, learning Spanish, long road trips and Formula 1 races! I love teaching math because there are so many creative ways to get to an answer. It can be like a puzzle and I can't wait to see how you think about math and solve the puzzle!


Welcome Ospreys! I am Ms. Brown and I love teaching Social Studies! I grew up here in Cumberland, graduated from Greely, did some (or a lot of) moving around, and finally settled back in North Yarmouth thirteen years ago. I live with my two kids, one who is graduating this year and another in eighth grade, and our very ancient cat. Outside of school, I love reading, hiking, and running. My favorite thing about teaching social studies is exploring other cultures, history, and learning about your perspective- we all bring something unique to this class!


Hey Ospreys, I'm Mr. Dancause. When I was in middle school, I HATED reading. Look at me now! I grew up in Cape Elizabeth and attended the University of New Hampshire. This will be my 12th year teaching middle school English. I live in South Portland with my wife, two year old daughter, and cat. When I'm not at school, I love hiking and fly fishing my way through the mountains and rivers of New England. I coach the middle school cross country team and the high school nordic ski team. I adore reading and my favorite part of class is independent reading Fridays!

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